If she ditches, it’s a crime story. That’s why I called you a child, listen to me. Not just mouth, he needs on his buttocks too. You cheated and then died, why? Then, I’ll go up again. Girls in my ashram like you so much.

Please say something, sir. You’ll surely achieve your aim. Will you carry me all my life? And I fell in love with her at first sight. They team up to save themselves and Kiran. Why are you hitting slowly? Generally I don’t carry more than Rs. Please listen to me, I’ll get my mother operated.

He feels for few moments but is back in full throttle again After ssubtitles discussion with her, got an heart attack. Would anyone dies for little causes too?

Will you give up relations as easy as washing your hands? What’s the matter, you bloody bastard? But I need a car for that, will you buy me a car? That’s why I love you deeply.

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He would say, leave her. Multiple video URLs let you link multiple videos to a single set of subtitles. Did you take poison for that? Take him and make him do slowly. Why are you getting tensed? You said Mallesh, right? Why are you packing money? No, I want it this year and right now. People grow beard after failing in love, how could you grow beard and then fail in love?


Come, my super figure He’s talking nonsense without any rhyme or rhythm. She married the man her father chose. You sugtitles item and foreign.

Where have you hidden the kidnapped girls? Love has no religion.

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But you drink using a straw in pub, what do you call it? I want to forget. Singing like an her of Ghantasala. Ravi Kumar Chowdary Produced by: Had she married me, she would’ve been in troubles. Potugdu finds his way to Maisamma through Yadigiri Raghu Babu to seek his help to get rid of a person. He hasn’t yet changed.

You’re my hero from now. Boy, remember one thing clearly. I tried pulling the mountain with hair, if it moves, I’ll get mountain if not I’ll lose only hair. You potugacu me to hospital and saved my life. Why did you come here again?

Add a URL for another version of the exact same video. What happened after that? Are you kidnapping innocent girls? I had to go to my native place. I’m here for Mumtaz. Your name should’ve been in the invitation, did she write your name on the address cover? I feel like killing you after hearing about Mumtaz.


If she eats nasty food, she may throw up.

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Is it lodge, doctor? Your grandpa too supported you in love matter.

I was aimless in life, you showed me a way. Take Ali Baba’s bail order.

Please, tell them to stop. I like you so much.