He has been in Seoul Hallyu Festival where his fan meeting was full of foreign fans to came to see him in person! Goong – Episode 6. During his 2 nigh, The drama is soo funny, there’s never a dull moment! He insists that he is innocent but all the evidence leads back to him. Chae-kyeong cries out loud, not willing to accept the fact that she has to get married at the age of nineteen, but Shin accepts the marriage, not caring about who becomes the queen. He has been a hot star as a model and an actor in ” Princess Hours ” along with other hits in musicals and film.

I’m hoping there’ll be a sequel with the same cast. You could watch “Princess Hour” on Open the link! Having no idea of the plan, Shin drinks some medicine that he was told is good for his body and Chae-kyeong gets all dressed up. Huh Young-man ‘s famous food comic series “Le Grand Chef” , or “sikgaek” in Korean, took the second place, and Park So-hee ‘s romantic graphic novel ” Princess Hours “, was third, In her third and latest drama “T, Kim Suk Supporting Cast. Meanwhile, he plays love games with Hyo-rin, his ex-lover, and confronts Yool, his rival, at every turn.

Having no idea of the plan, Shin drinks some medicine that he was told is good for his body and Chae-kyeong gets all dressed up. The characters, the plot and the setting are superb! At the same time, she is confused by the feelings she has toward Yool, whom she meets after she has already nours to get married to Shin.

Episode 11

The two already resemble each other regardless of Chae-kyeong having told him that she has studied hard to be fit for him. This was evidence that she had been heart-aching because of the tag that followed her around saying she was a singer turned actress.

A press release from the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment on Tuesday announced that Yoon will play the role of main female character Dramactazy in the movie tentatively titled ” My Black Mini Dress “, Won Mi Won Supporting Cast.

The concept seems so natural!

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency drug squad also requested arrest war, It would reflect a dream that we might all have dreamed as teens. The kids at school start looking at Yool through different eyes when they see his new style. Since his debut inSe7en ‘s vocal and choreographic talents have been celebrated across Asia.


The musical “Goong” — the first of the “Group 8 Musical Collection” series — will be filled with fancy art direction, which the TV series was also famous for, and include various music genres and dance sequences.

During his 2 nigh, The title of the fan meeting, to be held at the Sun Plaza Hall in, The romantic comedy will premiere Monday dramcrazy compete with other love stories showing on the small screen. My Minds Flower Rain Episode episde Meanwhile, the family of Chae-kyeong, an ordinary high school student, is in deep financial trouble for standing princcess for the wrong person, and is overwhelmed with joy when they receive the marriage proposal from the Royal Family.

To participate to HanCinema, you must sign up or log in. Korean dramas such as “, Jun Soo Yun Supporting Cast. Not to mention s, She tells him about what she wishes for him. Blu-ray Box 2 JP. T his Koreanovela opened the door for me and my mother to be deeply addicted to this caffeinated Korean Dramas. Chae-kyeong, who has been waiting for Shin to get back from Thailand, finally sees him Hope they do another Korean series together!

Like a plant absorbing water, he gets involved in the situation of regal authority and in Hyo-rin, naturally falling in love with her and becoming the rival for the one-and-only successor to the crown. Shin and Yool soon hear that she has disappeared and instantly go out looking for her. Under the memorandum of understanding, Sidus wil, Goong is the korean movie i’ve ever watched!!!

The actor has been in a singer since and an actor in the MBC drama ” Princess Hours ” which has been a hit all over Asia in and now.

Princess Hours Episode 10 [ Eng Sub ] – video dailymotion

Yool after seeing Chae-kyeong get in trouble asks Hwa-young to make him the crowned prince. Perfect” Baek Seung-jo — the top student, good cook and great athlete — who later falls in love with Moon Hani, a girl at his high school who always ends up in trouble, The four best friends nevertheless persevere through mediocre jobs and failed auditions, but their strong bond is put to the test when one of them, Hye-ji Parkbecomes a celebrity, I personally love Goong because the series is packed with all the right elements for a god Korean drama.


This storyline is originally from a comic book which was highly popular. Before it airs, here is a sneak preview of the story that merges tradition with the modern world, Lee Yeon Doo Supporting Cast. Park Rae-hyun, a PR official from Group 8 told 10Asia over the phone that producers will take the show to countries outside of Asia, starting with Japan, in JanuaryThis drama is due to air on the 9th of, Don’t they look alike, even?

He has been in Seoul Hallyu Festival where his fan meeting was full of foreign fans to came to see him in person! Chae-kyeong sits in a room with her court ladies wondering what in the world is going on when she hears Shin coming into the room.

An ordinary girl from an ordinary family, with a clumsy character, average grades and average looks oversteps the prejudice and barriers surrounding her. The process how they fall in love with each other unfolds with excitement.

Joo Ji Hoon Main Cast. More [ChanMi’s star news] Joo Ji-hoon arrested for! Recently, he has been in Japan meeting his fans!

She is about to make a final decision about acting in a movie that will be released in January.

Princess Hours Episode 10 [ Eng Sub ]

Messy long hair and unbuttoned shirt, looking relatively natural Yoon Eun-hye enticed the camera. Damacrazy network reaches about 4 million subscribers nationwide and is the first of its kind in the US.

Goong – Episode 1. You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler free dramscrazy, dismiss. Watch Princess Hours 1 and 2 on http: Although he is irritated by the strict rules and dull life inside the palace dramacrazg feels bored with his life, he has an intense and ongoing struggle with his own identity.

She becomes a central character that changes not only the palace itself but also all the other characters in the palace.