Also I really love Cha Grandma but she is also very biased. Ji Heon stares at her softly with a smile. Eun Seol tries to explain herself but gives up. The most enjoying scene in this episode was the one between Ji Heon and his dad: Dear Friends Episode I am also hungry for your comments every time you finish recapping! Eun Seol says that since everyone around him kept saying he was a moron, he ended up believing it. By stucked Started June 10,

I really can’t pick one over the other. I understand that we are all humans of flesh and blood. Jules September 29, at 7: But the initial episodes of PTB are really too delightful! There was a drama people were asking so much to be recapped that the recap was deleted I think I read something like that on jb’s twitter Running Man game Show Episode Thank you so much for the recap! Musings September 30, at 7:

La mia famiglia, at the end family is the only thing left. The Chairman watches the news and tells his secretary to turn off his phone. LOL yeah right, you were drooling with the wet shirt contest! I enjoyed you immensely and will never forget Daddy Cha! This site does not store any files on its server. I thought I was in for a cure of my woes, well sorta, until the last few episodes kinda got too serious, the last episode made me cry and it’s not even my proposal!?!

Anyways, it just seems th that Moo Won would get passed over just because his dad died before he was too young to naturally succeed him. The Chairman confirms he has to present and just explain his proposal and vision. MCW was why I was watching this He lifts her legs onto the table and then takes off his jacket dgamacrazy cover her with it.


Eun Seol says her dad works off the land, has plenty of disciples, and occasionally hunts pigs in the mountain. The casts all have great chemistry. I am now also loving the 4th prince in BBJX too That is lovely but secondary to the respect they have for each other which translates into great chemistry on the set.

Just utterly, heart achingly in love with it. I’m a fan of the fanservice. Moo Won offers Eun Seol a hankerchief to dry herself, and she offers him his suit jacket back.

Unfortunately it went downhill for me in the second half. He reminds her that back then, his older brother her husband got his fair share.

Moo Won is impressed while Na Yoon is shocked. Subscribe Subscribe to KissAsian mailing list to receive updates on anime and news.

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MeeisLee September 30, at 8: But then I started reading the Episode 1 recap, and I fall in love, watch the episodes back to back to back to back! There was a drama people were asking so much to be recapped that the recap was deleted I think I read something protwct that on jb’s twitter It becomes so much better for me pritect else. Ji Heon watches them leave, and notices Moo Won giving Eun Seol his suit jacket to cover up her wet butt.


We laugh, we fight, proetct even trow some pots, but at the end, we are family! Ji Heon says there is no other way.

Eun Seol grabs his arm even harder, which he takes to confirm her agitation. Well actually i did watch bits of it when i turn on KBS world. The two ladies have a stare down. Yeah she does that!!


When she wakes up, he shows off his finished presentation that he did all by himself while she blissfully slumbered. His brain has a reaction to Na Yoon but then immediately forgets about her. I find that i like both dramas so much because the interaction between the two main leads are just so cute and enjoyable, yet still believable. I was comparing the 2 and i conclude that i prefer Best Booss because the story flows better without the huge uncharacteristic plot flop in PTB esp 14 i think.

You might need a few days to recover and pick yourself off the epissode.

No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a professional secretary at a large conglomerate after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji Heon, the immature youngest son of a chaebol family I was too excited when writing the reply….