She says that technically she isnt that, and secondly they arent allowed to talk. Welcome, Login to your account. She clutches her photo with imran tightly. So was Seher dreaming that rolling in money scene????? Where is Kinz i wanna talk with her. She is asked by him to get ready soon, or else they shall be late. She is tactful and evasive BUT she hides the truth. Navjeevan Hospital Zoya arrives on the scooty at the hospital and looks around.

She again goes on to taunt nikhat for her complexion. She is too dramatic at times. He gets frustrated and asks whats this drama going on, and if she is lying through her teeth about this rakesh. She enters the hospital, which is pitch black. He again takes a reverse gear, and apologises for his behaviour, and asks her to get in the car. With rehaan not telling sanam that she has a lookalike goes with aahil reaction when he talks to sanam…that day also he forbid sanam telling aahil abt the phone call.

Sign in Recover your password. Ayan remembers the past and is furious. He septembeer if he can talk to Mrs. Ayan says that love cant be understood overnight, but over a longer course of time, and maybe he too is in the learning phase of loving humaira, the girl who he never eyed that way, but today cant even imagine life without her.

Qubool hai written episode 27 september 2013

Haya is still angry. As haya begins to eat, she is surprised to find rahat laying down a piece of paper, and then clarifying that faiz has given half of his property to her, and this is for her. Welcome, Login to your account. Ahil tensedly asks what did he say. She asks her to calm down and pray while they kill her. Faiz asks what does he think that he didnt try it, and says that he respects his thinking, and says that he has actually relieved haya from this bruden of a relation.


The delivery boy says that he gave the parcel to the girl in the dupatta. He thinks that today when he holds her hand, he wont ever let go. She saays that she wants to Zoya asks nazma if she thinks that imran might know tanveer. I just want more sparks with sanam and ahil…. Zoya is shocked to find the reports confirming, what tanveer is saying. Badi bi understands that razia and gai are together in this. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel hwi.

He is tensed and asks why cant she do that, and begs her again to reconsider. She opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace, contaning both their pics in a heart shaped locket. Dilshad is worrying for the preparations, but asad hugs her and calms her down and asks her to relax as everything would be alright.

Setpember rashid is thinking about nazma and dilshad, shirin comes showing the ring and watch she has selected for Farhan.

Qubool Hai 12th September Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says that she remembers and also remembers that he had said that even destiny cant part them. He only thought of love as a word earlier, and has now relaised its importance. I m coming in sometime kidnapper r snatching my phone. She gets down and begins to search around.

Ayan is tensed and she is scared. Alsa 26th Sep – Rehaan starts complimenting that seher is very good, and when he is with her, he is at peace, and that he has given her the love that even his own mother never gave him.

Zoya thinks that she never thought asad was in her destiny, and still beleives that she would wake up from this dream. He says that he has got a very beautiful nightdress. Zoya thinks and says that he mightnt express it, but he wants it to be fulfilled. She tells zoya that she heard what she wanted her to hear.


Page 1 epiaode 1. He tries to give him side, but vikram continues following. And maybe this is destiny. Razia asks humaira to be innocent that is demanded of her age. While the sweets owner presents his card and also tells about the website, zoya hears this and gets an idea, and goes for her Tablet Phone.

Before going, tanveer tells zoya that she wont let asad miss her. Zoya is shocked to hear this. I think faiz should come in-between haya and rahat. He tells how tanveer has sacrificed everything for him, and even went to jail, having taken the blame for his own heinous crimes on herself.

With rehaan not telling sanam that she has a lookalike goes with aahil reaction when he talks to sanam…that day also he forbid sanam telling aahil abt the phone call. She turns around to give a romantic smile at asad. She sees tanveer and hears her talking if she has got the money, and apologising to imran for having called on his wedding day, but she was in need of money.

The ladies are overwhelmed to see such a compatibility. He kisses her on the forehead, and asks her to get ready. Sehere again gets into a sob and trties to make him guilty about doubting her, and gets out of his car, saying that she doesnt want his help. He again takes a reverse gear, epiosde apologises for his behaviour, and asks her to get in the car. Zoya asks to let go, as she wont achieve anything, and wont get asad.

Ayan says that his choice is better.