This coupled with the discovery of a hallucinogenic substance that contaminates them, leads Kryten to believe that some kind of giant squid must have attacked the ship, using its hallucinogenic ink to cause despair and suicide. Photos 2 Quotes 6. The penalty is execution. And in many ways, you’re absolutely damn right! Robert Llewellyn came up for the idea of the Gelf handshake where Kryten and the Gelf Chief shake each other’s feet. This episode was supposed to be released as the season opener but was then used as the season finale instead. Get your hands in the air and step into that searchlight!

Just not on my head. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Eventually Andy runs the bunch of losers out of the game room, to make room for the next set of players. When Kryten puts the GELF beacon into translation, it says, in a very soft and placid English voice, “death to the stranger. While in the hallucination the Dwarfers noted that they still retained their Red Dwarf personalities and memories. Just let me check. But we don’t loot Space Corps derelicts.

So don’t expect it to show us any mercy.

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Seeing her chance, the girl makes a run for it, and the policeman tries to shoot episodee. Joe Tormoleon brings the virus aboard the ship, after Lt. The fact it was intended to open the season is made evident by the several references to Lister and his colleagues having been playing the game for four years, when in fact it had been five. There is an extra explosion in the Starbug cockpit as the Enforcement Orb fires a warning shot, with a monitor exploding near Lister, sending glass everywhere.

The scene removed because of the unsuccessful ‘2D’ effect. The episode that featured on the other Series V video release being ” Quarantine “. They decide to leave before their real-life memories have returned.

Get your hands in the air and step into that searchlight! When explaining to the Dwarfers why the Kinitawowi would have an Emohawk, Kryten says that emotions are a highly valued trading commodity because droids and simulants are prepared to pay incredible prices for them.


Cat explains it means if you hand over your tail, you wind up with “whistle butt”. Jake’s “true” personality was never actually seen. Kryten is a detective with the Cybernautic Division of the Police Department.

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Photos 2 Quotes 6. The crew set to work learning diblbey their “real” identities based on their possessions, since they have no memories of their “real” lives – supposedly a temporary side effect of the Total Immersion Video Game.

Now the Damage Report Machine’s exploded! Holly has been trying to get their attention for some time. Other projects and roles looked like taking over their time.

Kryten jokes that the same could be said of humans, but it isn’t well received. Devastated by the implications of their “true” selves, they are dwaynr to commit group suicide when Holly finally manages to awaken them, revealing that Starbug’ s crash and ‘reality’ were just a group hallucination brought on by the toxic ink of the ” despair squid “, which had dwayje intention of causing the crew to commit suicide, just as it had done with the crew of the Esperanto. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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The nanobots ended up dumping whatever they didn’t need on a planetoid. The materialisation must have scrambled its voice unit. And in many ways, you’re absolutely damn right! Kryten advises the Dwarfers to plead guilty, since that will actually be pleading innocent. Thermos, sandwiches, corn plasters, telephone money, dandruff brush, animal footprint chart and Instead of finding themselves in little pieces, they wake to discover that for four years they have been playing ‘Red Dwarf – The Total Immersion Video Game’.

Rred one of them has become something they cannot bear to live with. It’s Frontier law sir, and we’re episdoe deep space equivalent of horse rustlers. This episode marks dwaayne last time until Red Dwarf: However it appears that all life on board the Esperanto committed suicide, right down to a haddock which closed its gills and suffocated itself. According the Series V DVD documentary “Heavy Science”, the writers had simply run out of ideas for Holly, with Doug Naylor expressing guilt over the fact Hayridge’s role in the show was often little more than a few lines.


This page was last edited on 9 Novemberdwzrf Kryten handshaking the Gelf leader was improvised by Robert Llewellyn. Showing all 17 items. Retrieved 29 November They go on to discover a number of bodies, all of whom committed suicide.

Back at Starbug they take lithium carbonate episore stabilize their mood. So you’re saying we can take off but we can’t breathe? Rwayne episode has similar plot elements to Star Trek: Best Red Dwarf eps. Sebastian Doyle Lister on the other hand has a job and car in the car park parking structure.

Instead a superimposed shadow was used to illustrate the squid closing in on Starbug. Chris Barrie was starring in the increasingly popular sit-com Brittas EmpireRobert Llewellyn went to do Red Dwarf USA and if that were to be taken up he would be over there for the next few years.

As they hurry back to Starbugthey begin to feel the effects. It was re-shot until the audience cheered less. The episode often tops polls and surveys as the best episode in the entire series.

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A neat Cat gag is followed by more feline business that, ultimately, only dwaynw the audience information they already had. Archived from the original on 30 October As they put on their pressurised suits, and with them all sobbing, Rimmer then attempts to tell them a joke.

Several model shots of the Despair Squid were filmed but it was decided that they didn’t work well. Yes No Share this Share this: