Maka, poster yang muncul di bioskop persis betul sampul sebuah komik silat. Eventually, her path crosses again with Khudori. Yang ini keluar dari pakem. Temat comes from patriarchal society revolving around kyais religious leaders and religious boarding schools. The multilayer interpretation of religious teaching and tradition contributes to the dynamism of audiences. And intimate scene should be thrown away. They did not cover up the fact of religion that has been a reason of violence act without overlooking the social, political, economical, and historical main background. He will studying finance that he is not like.

And his friendship with Harianto , who has same problem with him. Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng. After reading his novel script, Alyssa want the novel story became a real live scene. Skip to main content. And the other sadistic activity following the script in the unfinished novel that Barry is been writing. Ini pertanyaan yang sulit dijawab. Furthermore, in Southeast Asian studies context, the analysis of contemporary Indonesian film is important as an attempt to give meaning to Southeast Asia as culture area Evans They must pay in a large money for their communication.

Through these three aspects, film will be able to construct its filj interpretation and philosophical aspect in depth. Unfortunately, most of religious leaders who oppose the film have not watched the film by themselves.

Than kambing have berkalubg problem abot his live. Posted at February, 24, Demikian tagline di poster film ini. Yang menarik dari poster ini adalah suasana mistis persis film-film horor psikopat.

20 Poster Film Indonesia Terbaik Sepanjang Masa (IMHO)

The dialogue comes just after the opening scene where Kyai Wahab tells them quite the opposite. In order to get a comprehensive pattern of audience respond and predilection on Islamic film, this paper will be conducted mainly in three sections based on the chronologically launching time: In addition, government with its religious politic project through its apparatus plays a significant role in supporting religious film as a part of construction of nation narration.


Nevertheless, the targeted audience of the film is larger sorbam the novel because the cost of the film production is much more than the novel publication. Tematwho plays Anissa, the daughter of the leader of a traditionalist and very conservative Islamic sorbsn school pesantren in East Java.

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban Finance is not his mind. When I am walking in the DVD shop. There is a little problem with Kebo herfiza Novianti his girl friend.

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

And also as the best Film in the year of Sampai akhir an, pendekatan lukisan banyak dipakai dalam poster film. The book being a best seller after his film standing in the cinema. Email this article Login required.

But Agus Ringgo performes is commonly as his character in the other film before. As Sasono observed, sympathetically Nurman depicted poverty as the problem of Islamic society without being trapped to condemn it as wqnita solely factor of radicalism.

Posternya adalah juga sebuah karya lukis yang ciamik.

Dengan cerdik, yang hadir adalah setengah bagian bawah wajah dua sejoli. In addition, looking at traumatic experiences of religious-based violence, mass media are demanded to be convinced that Muslim is modern, tolerant, and fit with modern concerns Hefner The film does not resemsi what Islam teaches.


However, in his comment, Nauval Yazid, a JiFFest Jakarta International Film Festival programmer, make a clear distinction between Islam as background and the religious spirit of the film. Unfortunately, Samsudin finds them together, a slander that changes everything. Cin T a Ini pertanyaan yang sulit dijawab.

Based on the novel by Abidah El Khalieqy, telling about Anissa, a Muslim woman, always understanding of a situation in her life, man’s always on the top. On the other hand, the cont- polygamy side evaluated the film as legitimizing the polygamy based on man superiority over woman.

I give you an advice. Tapi warna-warni itu bisa juga dimaknai kehidupan remaja yang dinamis, penuh warna.

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Tapi justru memberi kesan surealis dengan lingkaran ungu-putih. And his friendship with Hariantowho has same problem with him. The pros side argues the importance of Perempuan Berkalung Sorban as a self-critic in Muslim community due the fact that the gap between Islamic teaching and its practice influenced by cultural, social, and political settings.

They seemed unfamiliar with the procedure at the cinema.