What is the main idea of paragraph two? Habibie jatuh cinta pada Ainun yang baginya semanis gula, dan sebaliknya. It can consist of more than one. Strength of their love to fight and survive until established position. One of the popular romantic films most watched in theaters. Habibie personal story about his life journey with his love Mrs.

Habibie himself, it tells about the love story of him and his wife, Mrs. Finally, for those who have a high spirit of nationalism and love romance must watch this film which is one of the best film ever created by the Indonesian. Review text habibie and ainun Download Report. Although the first introduction off them was not fun, they finally reunited when they start to growing up. Dengan film ini, kita bisa melihat bahwa cinta sejati bukanlah Romeo dan Juliet yang tragis bunuh diri untuk menjaga cinta m ereka , tapi Habibie dan Ainun yang tumbuh tua bersama-sama dan dipisahkan oleh takdir kematian. Semenjak awal film, keduanya seolah sudah ditakdirkan berjodoh. Well, even so, this story is still a very great film that I can say this film has the same quality as Romeo and Juliet. They absolutely knew that.

T criticize an art work or event o for a public audience. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. For me, this story that mix the romance and nationalism side is very interesting.

Situs ini menggunakan cookie. For Ainun, Habibie was the filler for her heart.

H abibie determines to purpose Ainun and moves to Germany. Interpretative recount Rudy H abibie Reza Rahadian is a genius and always has a proud anun in his school.


Retrieved 5 June Their love was built by the times they spent to reach that dream. When happiness back, Ainun ovarian cancer winun more severe. Habibie fell in love immediately with Ainun whom according to him was as sweet as sugar.

Semenjak awal film, keduanya seolah sudah ditakdirkan berjodoh. Habibie himself, it tells about the love story of him and his wife, Mrs. Their conflict and struggle to developed the nation presented in this film is able to make the audience cry, even the former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife, Ani Yudhoyono rilm tears when watching it for the first time.

Rudy yang punya mimpi besar, berbakti kepada bangsa Indonesia dengan membuat pesawat terbang untuk menyatukan Indonesia menjadi kenyataan di IPTN tahun The film managed to stir audience emotions, especially towards the tisensi of the movie.

Kisah tentang cinta pertama dan cinta terakhir. Since the beginning of the film, both as predestined mate. T movie also he has a fresh humor typical of the youth 70s risenei is believed to be able to provoke the laugh of viewer.

The loyalty and sacrifice they gave to the nation offered a lot of lessons for us to continue their struggle. This is a story about finding one’s soul mate. Dalam krisis di Indonesia, Rudy ditunjuk menggantikan Soeharto. H er affection, anxiety and worry shown in a good appropriate emotion.

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It is very disappointed advertisement. This couple met when fisensi were still in the junior high school inand they met again in Bandung. Ainun Habibie, as a mark of his very deep love for his wife. This is the story of your heart when you find parts. Indonesian film industry finally awakened to offer quality movies.


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Unknown 25 Januari Habibie and Ainun Country: Review text ahbibi and ainun Download Report. Habibie dan AinunReview Text. Questions 1 – 10 are based on the following text. Rudy berusaha melakukan segalanya hingga ia harus berhenti berharap dan berbuat saat kematian datang.

Indonesia juga dapat melihat orang-orang Jerman yang sangat hormat pada prof.

Review text habibie and ainun

E valuative summation the last opinion consisting the appraisal or the punch line of the 3. T heir love getting perfect in risensl. The faithful can being educate the young generation to have the same nationalism and being honesty like Habibie had as a president and a husband.

A story about Habibie and Ainun.

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Selasa, 23 Februari Review Text: Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email. Of course it is not easy to reach the dream, they both know it.

Film ini berhasil mengaduk emosi penonton, khususnya menjelang bagian akhir film. Orientation background information on the text 2.

T conflict he comes from their relation and from politics on H abibies life.