LOL Even Aki disagrees to such thing. Love is War — Episode 7 26 Feb, Page created in 0. I hope the two tie in together soon or I will start feeling like I am watching two anime wrap into one. I want to like it more. Love is War — Episode 7.

I guess the rest was pretty good. Satsuriku no Tenshi Senjuushi. There is probably at least 1 bug in your room. Jun Daitoku is afraid of robots but then decided to still join the robotics club because of her liking on Aki even though Aki thinks that she likes Kai for some odd obvious reason. That woman from the store didn’t even want to talk about Airi. Subaru’s father is a dick. Page created in 0. More like an intimidating, abusive, and “force my lifestyle down my kid’s throat” parent.

I lol’ed at Junna’s wild imagination Subaru posing naked in front of lots of cameras and him being hunted by a naked Kaito.

No matter what reason is. Mob Psycho II Episode 8. So Robotocs finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old?

Robotics;Notes Episode 6

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Learn Japanese through anime. Why can’t she follow her dream anymore X. Great anime to watch once epizode week. You can learn faster with Japanese Subtitles. I wonder if the whole tape is just a melody. Sign up Login Forgot Your Password? I almost never read discussions after I made my post, if you want to reply PM me or post on my profile page.


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Like many other people has said in the thread, I also hate parents like that, but I think there is a reason for Subaru’s father is being strict like that. I’m very interested in that Kou person and what Akiho’s sister and that woman from the store has to do with all this. Some of the points from the past couple of ronotics got resolved such as getting sponsored so they can finally progress on the big robot and the ghost girl. Robotics;Notes Episode 6 Discu Episide Wind Episode Things are getting interesting.

Main Recommendations Reviews Comments. P Oh, Frau is pretty funny as well. Lol She was once found outside on the fields and other areas mentioned on the weird rumors.

Written in that report is the indictment of someone named Kou Kimijima’s conspiracy involving the world. This was a great episode, so sad that we have to mwanime another week There are more than 10 hours of reading in this six episodes.

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What a crazy proletarian, that daddy. Good episode, things are finally escalating.

Okay, we might just get along too well with this kind of conversation since knowing Frau is a fan of BL is just too nice enough for me. The Final Mission from the Boss 23 Feb, Then, one day, Kaito discovers the A. Make sure there are no spaces in the HTML tags. I’m hoping the drama part of the story takes off real soon. Also this EGI system?

His son could become top robotic engineer in Japan and make more money than him in a 50 life time. Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 7.

The amount of derpfaces was painful, the art and animation quality seriously took a dive in this episode. But I really can’t wait to see the next episode. Maybe he has epiode kind of history with them?