Don’t underestimate the importance of vibration control as there are many causes of vibration including wind. Quality has a cost and the price for quality must be paid up front. Without a center column and legs able to splay straight outward, this tripod goes very low. Fully extend the legs, tighten the leg locks and, while keeping the legs together not spread , pull straight down on the legs, gradually with significant weight. Here is a table comparing the current RRS tripod models: The Three Legged Thing tripod, however, isn’t a particularly heavy duty piece of gear. My Wishlist 0 items.

Carbon fiber is my nearly-exclusive choice. Weight-bearing was not a concern it is rated to hold 40 lbs and it can hold me , but vibrations are usually the limiting factor. All of the RRS tripods I’ve used to date are among the best-available in this regard. A heavy short tripod is likely much stronger and more-rigid than a super-light tall tripod. A tripod’s purpose is to hold a camera or sometimes something else. Leg Extension Locks Most tripods have multiple legs sections, allowing them to be set up at various heights or retracted compactly. While a center column makes camera height adjustments quick and easy and with the center column able to rise well above the chassis, very high camera positions are enabled without impacting the tripods fully-retracted length. Its maximum height is 49 inches, and it collapses down to right around

Its maximum height is 49 inches, and it collapses down to right around Based on my positive experience with the TVC, I added one to my personal kit. Such grand places required a grand vision, so Rakesh began working with large format film cameras, which he continues to favor for his fine art stills.

What the Model Name Means Tripod manufacturers typically offer many different models and the model name often described how the model fits into the family. And, I find the levers to be considerably slower to use.

Optionally, add the leveling base to the quick-column and give your tripod an adjustable height leveling base! Also, the length of sections is a strong factor in the minimum height and the folded length.

For example, I captured this picture with two tripod legs fully extended at their tallest lock angle swries the third leg was fully retracted and spread nearly horizontally to my left, balanced against a cliff.


Another disadvantage is that the tripod’s minimum height is limited by the length of the center column.

The levers can catch on camera straps, backpack straps, branches, etc. They have some flex, but they are laterally strong and vibrations dissipate fast. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. The chassis’ size and strength are keys for the overall strength and rigidity of the tripod. Also, with modest pressure on the top plate, a tap to the middle of the extended leg will cause visible vibration. You will receive a link to reset your password.

Some may argue that you only extend your tripod legs once when shooting and that speed is therefore not important and for some that may be the case. The huge disadvantage of a center column is significantly increased vibration experienced when the column is in a raised position, especially at full height where the difference in vibration dampening is dramatic.

Really Right Stuff Mk2 Replacement for Really Right Stuff TVC

Unless you are only going to frs the tripod on a completely flat surface, typically a floor, you want a tripod model with independent leg spread. Buy right the first time and spend your time photographing. Getting the camera right down on the ground can be ideal for some compositions and also for table-top work. A differentiator is ratcheting locks that snap into the locked position when direction is reversed from outward to inward. Given its high load capacity, a Versa Series 2 tripod is also a great solution for shooters who need maximum support but want to keep their tripod as portable as possible.

After years of development, we are excited to present seriies new Mark 2 tripod line!

TVC Mk2 / TFC Mk2 Tripods

Mk2 Series 2 tripods are the perfect choice for mid-sized gear combos. Is the stop a weak little tab that protrudes from the chassis? Follow the three quick turns with a grasp of all three feet or one at a time and pull away from the chassis to simultaneously extend all the legs.

Supporting pound loads with the legs fully collapsed and splayed, the Versa Series 4 tripods have the highest stiffness-to-load ratio of all RRS carbon fiber tripods.

T is for “T”ripod, V is for “V”ersa “C”olumn as in versatility2 refers to Series “2” typically on a industry scale and 4 indicates “4” sections per leg. The TVC model name breaks down as follows: A smaller retracted tripod, regardless of its maximum height capability, consumes less space. Mk2 Series 2 tripods are the perfect choice for mid-sized gear combos. After years of development, they are excited to present their new Mark 2 tripod line!


Really Right Stuff TVC-24L Versa Series 2 Tripod

I’ve used both and much-prefer the twist locks. Or is there a vibration-inviting angle design being used? The cost of a tripod failing, either mechanical failure or failure to function at a satisfactory level, can be far higher and this results in having to invest the research time over again.

With each leg section having a smaller diameter than the one above it, tripods with more leg sections generally have a narrower lower leg section than the equivalent tripod with fewer seeies sections. Continue loosening the locks until the tripod is fully retracted. Also substantially-sized is the CNC machined aluminum hook mounted under it. See More See Less. Want to know how strong a tripod’s leg locks are?

After glueing it back in place, it holds the camera stable, but its platform has a significant amount of flex now, so getting a precise frame is quite a drag. Series 2 Tripods vegsa smaller and lighter than Series 3 pods, and perfectly complement the BH ballhead.

Photography, especially testing cameras and lenses, is my job and tripods esries a crucial accessory for doing that job. Al-Oasis Traders Seller Note: Last few free tickets available! I’ll provide more-specific gear capacity advice later in the review. It’s rated for 40 pounds, but RRS has a reputation for being conservative with its load ratings. Customer Reviews Be the first to review this product.

Be the first to review this product. These locks are spring-loaded and some can pinch your fingers its painful. Brass bushings keep leg angle movements very smooth. Really Right Stuff already has a reputation among photographers for making some of the best gear in the business.

Strength and rigidity are often the balancing factor between size and weight.