Khalil then gets mad and hits him making his nose bleed. I am not going to go into the details of what transpired in this last episode because I would like the viewers to watch this installment and find out for themselves. Sirf mjhe wo baat smjh ni i jo shanu ne Molvi sahb ko riddle sunae: Powered by WordPress Back to Top. Just finished seeing the drama. She tells him that she learned there about how he embraced Hamer and she just said that hugging helped get the cough go away so that it does not lose the respect of society. The story that started off on a strong note turned into one of a personal vendetta- the writer lived up to the quote- The pen is mightier than the sword.

On the very day when Shano was born, her maternal aunt, Inayat, lovingly asks Shano’s mother, Rasheeda, for Shano’s hand in marriage for her son, Khalil Adnan Malik. Some really unrealistic scenes should have been avoided. Rasheeda Shano has many times because she loves Khalil. Zahra Mirza February 27, The director got many messages across to the viewers through this one scene. Cousins Shano and Khalil know about their engagement from a very young age but spent most of their childhood apart from one another as Shano is a village girl and Khalil is from the big city. But the negative role of Samiya Mumtaz is most appreciated till date. He got heartbroken and ends up marrying Inayat instead.

The final chapter Updat as children, cousins Shanno Mahira Khan and Khalil Adnan Malik fall in love but their parents’ turbulent past casts a long, dark shadow over their relationship that can never be shaken off. Amin did not like that and said Khalil to go home, despite the fact that he was seriously wounded. Their love for each other was accepted and respected by all lzst people who were connected to them in any way at all.


All actors did great job especially Mahira, Samiya and Agha. He is a medical student living with Khalil’s family. Braid agay karke sharma rahi thi!

Sadqay Tumhare – Last Episode

He then tells her that they are going to name her son Khoram, for Khalil Hai Ray for rukshana and Mime for Muhabbat love. Shano then returned home, but when she went inside, she saw her mother. I am not talking about soundtrack of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan It seems strange to an outsider why he would want to honor the memory of ‘that girl’ in such a way.

Khalil takes Shano to the mosque to get married. He finds out that her parents want her to marry her paternal cousin Fayaz. Then he takes back home Shano tumharw Mushtaq and goes home, knowing that Mushtaq eritten of the police officer. Sadaf Haider Updated April 14, All I have episoe you are theories so bear with me! Anyway, so initially Khalil came across as this spoilt kid who treats Shano like a toy.

Sadqay also missed the opportunity to address the fallout of sexual abuse.

Sadqay Tumhare

The reality of uneven citizenship has created a sense of isolation. Perhaps I am cynical but Pakistani dramas do not often allow judgment of male characters whereas the actions of women are always thoroughly and critically evaluated. Where did the show go wrong?

Ehtesham’s consistency made it technically strong play Every single scene was intense to the core and very gripping. Strong performances by Shano and Rasheeda were by far commendable. What did bring Mehram back to being good was, again, the last episode. While he was beaten, he did not make a sound. So, there is a little consistency between the two characters with the rest of the story, but I would have liked more explanation as to what happened between Khalil and his family that led to his marriage.


The drama takes a look at how an older generation’s mistakes have long lasting consequences for their offspring, altering everyone’s destiny in the process. Human relationships are a complicated arena and it is a little too easy for us as armchair critics to judge others.

During a call, Cousin Hamer in Mushtaq, comes and starts to look at Shano in a bad way. Laat from ” https: Only the writer can judge that.

Sadqay Tumhare Last Episode 27 Full on Hum Tv – April 10 – video dailymotion

Rasheeda took her in and asked her where she was, but then Shano fainted. On that note, I’m really excited to writfen what Zahid’s role shapes up to be in Alvida! I hated the Ending. Maybe with Maulvi Sahab.

He tells her that they are laxt to get married because they love each other so much. Shano’s father promises to get Shano married to Khalil if she goes back home. Was it actually real?

Khalil then goes to jail, because the fake file has been cased, he stole Shano and forced her to marry him. However, we later learn that everything is definitely not what it seems.

Set in the s Pakistani society and based on the writer’s real-life story, Sadqay Tumhare follows the story of Shano Mahira Khan. For this updatte the characters of Abdul Rahman and Rasheeda are the most intriguing, especially when it comes to assessing the way men and women are assigned blame in Pakistani society.