Retrieved May 14, They track down the show’s two original creators—Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins—and seek to have the trademark infringement suit revoked. The gang panics, knowing the baby’s mother will soon arrive, and they go to the retailer’s factory to find the child. Sam warns them to delete the reviews and threatens to beat them up, but Cat reminds her about the babysitter code. After a few days, while Cat is fixing Andre’s her friend from Victorious guitar she tests it out by playing an eight second snippet, which Del DeVille loves so much he promises not to say anything about what has happened in return for Cat giving him her guitar snippet. With the evidence they need, Sam and Cat show the video to the Word Keepers, who then add the word to the dictionary. When the group enters an alleyway near Goomer’s apartment, three thugs try to steal his mom’s purse, prompting him to beat them up.

Retrieved July 3, Retrieved July 14, It is discovered all of the reviews came from the same location, the house of a competing babysitting service. Goomer’s mom is coming to visit but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Sam then leaves the apartment, upset over her unwanted present, and Cat later finds her near a sidewalk. Sam volunteers to jump the killer tuna fish.

Sam & Cat – S1 E21 – Magic ATM

Retrieved from ” https: Cat’s audition to appear in a Peezy B music video ends oumpatious tears. Andrew Thomas Szm by: Sam arrives just in time to save Cat and Dice, but Nora challenges her to a fight, having worked out in prison for two years. Episode Clip Nick Videos”. It is discovered all of the reviews came from the same location, the house of a competing babysitting service. Sam and Cat try to get the word ‘lumpatious’ into the dictionary after making a bet that ‘lumpatious’ is a real word.


But when Sam finally unlocks the safe, and the girls check out an abandoned room inside, Dice locks them in and sneaks out.

Afterward, Sam gets qnd to leave, but Cat, not wanting to stay alone, asks her to stay. Retrieved October 22, Cat promises Sam she will make more meatballs after she finds the matching pink shoe. Jepson then goes through the humiliation of losing the bet.

Sam And Cat S01E22 Lumpatious – video dailymotion

The elaborate scheme Cat and the twins pull off to trick Sam works, and Cat celebrates her victory in song. Retrieved November 21, Sam and Cat babysit Butler, a champion speed-texter, and discover that Sam is also a fast texter.

Robbie still needed saving. Sam and Cat make a bet with Jepson that it is a word, but then find no fu,l of the word’s existence in any dictionary, including the most authoritative Oxnard English Dictionary.

Paul Coy Allen [27]. Sam and Cat help Lucas, a boy they’re babysitting, with his vocabulary at Bots.

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Slarm, Jerry Trainor as Crazy Steve. When Sam and Cat catch on to this, they turn the tables on Gwen and Ruby.


Neither of them care to meet the Vice President of the United States, another prize for winning the competition. This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat The group sets out to solve the mystery and get Sam’s bike back. However, they soon realize Sylvia and Janice are not on speaking terms after quarreling over a trophy for their show, more than 30 years ago. Three months later, Del DeVille’s new song is famous for Cat’s eight second snippet.

Sam & Cat – S1 E22 – Lumpatious (3) – video dailymotion

At the end, Nevel escapes from his mental hospital and is having dinner with Gibby. Sam befriends Cat’s old friend Robbie, and kisses him to make Cat even more mad with her.

College Football, “48 Hours” Lead omline Pack”. Retrieved March 1, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. United States Copyright Office.

An aggressive trainer puts Sam through rigorous training, but Sam, known for being lazy and hating work, gets fed up and cancels the fight. Cat is devastated when a cable network cancels a TV show about a family of cross-dressers. Sam creates a distraction by faking an injury, and Dice tries to steal the lamp.