Indravardhan tries to prove to Rosesh that women are always suspicious. Indravadan hears her and asks Monisha to spoil the plan by doing pest control. But Maya hates her mother. Before boarding the bus, Rosesh meets his love-at-first-sight Jasmine. He is attracted to her and invites her to lunch. All comes out to be good till they receive a shock for their future in the following 7 years. But they don’t improve, the book however, turns into a big success. Maya’s mobile is defunct and flashbacks to the time when he repaired the fridge to convince Monisha why she should not tell Dushyant about it.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Rosesh fights and leaves the house. Maya and Monisha play Antakshari as a challenge. When Indravadan is found nowhere, Maya becomes upset and calls Sonia to check Voodoo chart. So he decides to advertise for new parents. For anyone who grew up in the early s and then, religiously lived with the characters one rerun after another would know the magic of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. Arnab’s teacher complains that Arnab brings mobile in school.

The story of how Maya and Indravadan met in a party and fell in love.

So Maya gets the gardner, servant and watchman to write the second act of the play. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 was meant to be a episode web series to air on Hotstar.

She is vegan and Rosesh decides to do as she says. Soniya predicts a woman in Sahil’s life. Monisha gets Arnab out of the bus through window and he brings some villagers. Maya’s sister, Vidheesha is coming to Mumbai. But Maya hates her mother.

Finally Monisha sings at the Shradhanjali instead of Maya. Indravadan is finally out of hypnotism. But the critic loves it. Maya is ready to leave the house with Sudhanshu, but Sudhanshu is doubtful if she can leave Indravadan.


There was heavy anticipation for the return of the most loved family in Indian television. Finally to tell his family his woes, he gives them the book to read. Indravardhan and Rosesh decide to become friends.

Maya decides to arrange a shradhanjali, but due to Monisha’s old food, her throat gets sore. Life sucks, we know. Monisha and Indravadan are very excited about watching final at Wankhede Stadiumbut Maya does not approve of it because of their middle-class slogans. Rosesh and Jasmine does a drama serial. Once you are 18 we promise to show you this content but not till then!

But they don’t improve, the book however, turns into a big success.

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Rosesh has insomnia and it drives all the others crazy. Maya treats Indravadan like a child and belittles his attempts to be romantic.

Finally Indravadan realizes that she is talking about Cookie and tell her that he needs sarabhau romance in their life. Sahil is invited by cricketer Vishal Guha for a party with a partner. Maya asks everyone to write their true feelings on paper chits on the World Honesty Day. They argue about it. Monisha says that if Arnab will come home, she will leave Sahil forever. Sahil buys a brand new Coyote car and Monisha and Maya fight to drive it first.

Won’t it ruin your entire childhood memory? When he talks about that, she gets angry and fights with decides to leave the house.

Monisha’s Speech on Maya

Monisha is not disturbed because one night before the elections she gave her fish some Paneer and she died. This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else.


The Sarabhai family deserved better. The replacement smells and steals. Maya begs and tries to save his life.

Sahil decides to have dinner with Maya and lunch with Monisha. Another psychic shows the Sarabhais their future in a crystal ball. Maya’s sister Nayesha and Monisha’s cousin Jugalkishore visit. Rosesh is kidnapped for ransom and Indravardhan decides to bargain. So he leaves the house to get married. To prove it, he asks Indravadan to hide. Sahil convinces her that hotdtar is innocent.

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And it made me realise that sometimes, the first time is good enough. After Arnab gets home back, Monisha take Arnab with hofstar and goes to her village, leaving Divorce papers for Sahil.

Swaroopa wants a divorce and Bladev does not. No longer a secret, the show’s original run was quite a dampener. To please her, Indravardhan buys her an old wooden wardrobe from a kabadiwala. DushyantMadhusudanKachcha Kelawe wanted them all back.

I Was A Huge Sarabhai Fan But I’m Glad Season 2 Is Over. It Wasn’t The Show I Fell In Love With!

Everyone’s printed chits are put in the Bowl. Desperately, Indravadan tries to steal the tickets from his friend Jayant by inviting him to dinner.

The show had total 70 episodes in Season 1. The society is celebrating daughter-in-law darabhai and Baldev proposes that Monisha should speak about her mother-in-law. Sahil asks him to speak to Koki.