Do I have to get off the tube at Romford and tap out with my season ticket key then tap in with my oyster payg and continue the remainder of the journey. How to get your tickets Email, post, print at home, download or collect from the station. A Zones Travelcard from Three Bridges will cover all your travel within the Zones including those days when you start from Catford. However, you may not be getting the best deal. Have you considered the north exit of City Thameslink as an alternative? Can I use my Oyster card? Permit 3 Month Permit.

Refunds are calculated from the date you return the Season ticket. In the new year i will need to travel to st Albans city from Hainault underground for work. Alternatively, you can collect a Smart card from the station. Adding to your Season ticket Want to add even more power and value to your Season ticket? I will mainly be leaving from Three Bridges and need to get to Holborn Monday — Friday, although some days I will need to travel around London e. There may be other examples of this issue. S I might need to travel to Epsom everyday so what is the cheapest way to commute to there, thank you.

Hadley Wood is the first Zone 6 station on this line. The boundary Z6 to EPS would also help if you have it. I sometimes travel into zone one or through it. If you would prefer to split the cost into easy monthly payments, take a look at CommuterClub.

All you need to ensure is that the tickets cover the whole journey. It will be cheaper if I catch the train in stapllehurst

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I think I understand your explanations about how to mix paper tickets and travelcards. Is there a way to get around this without having to physically exit the barriers and re-enter using my paper ticket?

Both can be bought as season tickets valid for a week or any period between a month and a year. Annual prices are 40x the weekly ones. Go cookies help us analyse how you use this website and a full list of how we use the cookies is available stwplehurst our Cookies and Privacy Policy.


What do you recommend is the cheapest and easiest way to travel please? Day travelcards do only exist by including zone 1 so you are limited to buying paper tickets. I hope you can help me? Mike, cannot thank you enough, you have the patience of a saint.


It is a plain village in comparison with some of the jewels of the Kentish landscape which lie to the south. Is the cheapest way using a paper travel card for the entire journey or paper ticket into King Cross then contactless on Thameslink via St Pancras?

If you really mean Canada Water then the Jubilee Line seems more appropriate. Who can I complain to about price anomalies like this? For journeys starting outside the London Fare Zones Area, the Travelcard Season ticket allows travel by train between the starting station and the London Fares Zones Area boundary, and then unlimited travel within the zones paid for. Hi we are a family of four that would like to travel from Staines to Waterloo on Friday 1st September for the day.

I travel from Highbury and Islington to Oxted during term time. Home Tickets Season Tickets. To avoid zone 1 you need to do either of two options. Permit 12 Month Permit.

If your paper ticket is between two named stations then one of them must be within the outer zone of your travelcard or a dual zoned station with one zone covered. Hi Mike, could you please advise me on the cheapest way I can travel. This has been a really helpful resource and I would love your advice. Could you find out the cheapest I can pay to get staplehurdt Egham? Weekly Season Tickets With a weekly season pass staplegurst can travel at any time for seven consecutive days and pay less than if you bought five daily peak returns for the same journey.

Even if you travel the same route just 4 days a week, a Season Ticket will save you money.

From tomorrow I will be travelling return to Purley from London Bridge in rush hour. I am currently commuting from Berrylands to Waterloo around sixteen days a month. What if the train c2c does not stop at upminster,can I still carry on the journey to Pitsea. I now work in Reading and am looking at ways to cover me for my journey from zone 6 to Reading. You can buy these online and collect from a ticket machine if that saves some queueing.


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stxplehurst Do I need to touch in at London Waterloo national rail gates with my Zone travelcard? Romford to Witham, would it be an issue that the train I get on does not stop there it does pass through? Huge apologies for the delay replying. I have bought Grays to West ham monthly ticket and zone travel card.

But it leads to another question: This is a great and helpful site. Can you please advise how I can combine this with an extension ticket? Potters Bar to zones is just about the cheapest option.

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This will be cheaper than a travelcard and an Epsom to Ewell season ticket. Other potentially useful stations are just one stop outside the Oyster area eg Epsom or Potters Bar. Epsom to zones The route from Stratford where the ticket starts goes via the over ground to West Hampstead Londln station. To check availability, please obtain a quote for your preferred product and follow the steps.

There may be a change to this in the future, but if you get the tickets now they will be valid until they expire. I usually just top up my oyster pay as you go. If you can let me know where in zone 1 you need to get to then there may be something. You may be better off biting the bullet and getting a Grays to zones travelcard which would cover everything mentioned. However, we staplehurt ask you to attend a meeting with us to explain the circumstances in which your duplicate Season ticket was lost.

I know I can purchase a paper travel card that includes grays and London underground stations but find it it very expensive.

Thankyou once again, Sally.