Just enjoy that it’s happening, and that it’s so much damn fun. Bleak or not, this is an amazing television show — and one that, with few exceptions, doesn’t wallow in the misery being suffered by its characters — as demonstrated by an excellent episode like “Mockingbird. Man With a Plan. Ozymandias review, take two Game of Thrones Bonus! I recognize that there are many stories that need to be advanced, and the creative team maintains its gift for providing memorable individual moments in many of our stops in the Seven Kingdoms. A half a loaf is better than none at all. Read More Posted Dec 2, How To Train Your Dragon:

Read More Posted Jun 3, Hot in Cleveland is pleasant enough, but it apes the classics far more in its style than its substance. Read More Posted Aug 15, Season 7 Preview A The Shield: Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Read More Posted Jan 2, There’s always a certain level of role play going on in Game of Thrones, as various characters try to fake it until they make it — whether that’s to safer territory or greater power. The show definitely lost something when Hart and Cohle’s interrogations ended, but I appreciate how Pizzolatto tries to recreate some of that structure here by having each man telling the other stories of what happened to them over the last decade.

Read More Posted Feb 24, Read More Posted Mar 6, Read More Posted Jan 6, Yet another funny moment in an episode full of them: When Bunny goes looking for anyone, anywhere in the Baltimore PD with a list of high-end dealers in his district, he strikes out everywhere except the MCU, and Carver seems baffled that anyone would even expect such a thing of him.


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‘The Wire’ Rewind: Season 3, Episode 5 – ‘Straight and True’ (Newbies edition)

Weekend Box Office Results: Season 2 Finale Preview Mad Men: Read More Posted Oct 30, Alan reviewed various Sepinwall episodes for seoinwall Newark Star-Ledger and did a Season 1 rewatch in Season 4 – Mockingbird TV Episode.

How To Train Your Dragon: Interview with Jon Hamm Mad Men: Already have an account? Read More Posted Feb 27, The last thing television needs is more serial killer dramas. What I want in iOS 6.

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Bleak or not, this is an amazing sepinwaall show — and one that, with few exceptions, doesn’t wallow in the misery being suffered by its characters — as demonstrated by an excellent episode like “Mockingbird. Read More Posted Feb 12, Sepinsall as much of a love letter to the economically developing nation as it is a detective genre piece. I Am the Night. There were two big moments in “The Children” that landed exactly as designed: Sign Up Sign In.

Full List of Academy Sepindall Winners. Redemption TV Movie Review Read More Posted Jan 28, Read More Posted Jun 3, Read More Posted Jan 30, Season 5 TV, The Returned has such a sure command of mood and character and place that the mechanics of it all don’t matter.


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And if all Rake is aspiring to be is a quirky lawyer show that occasionally hints at darker things before leaning back on Kinnear’s gift with a deadpan one-liner then that’s no sin. Ultimately, I prefer eepinwall taste of the one I sampled first, but I can absolutely see the appeal of the original recipe. Read Seinwall Posted Dec 2, Ozymandias review, take two Game of Thrones Bonus!

Just launched a new version of my site. What The Unusuals lacks in cinematic sheen, it compensates with humor and [an] interesting group of characters.

What’s Alan Watching?: Where you can find my “The Wire” season 5 reviews

Season 3 Jon Hamm interview Mad Men: This is the newbie version; click here to read the veteran-friendly one. I could use more Varys, but you can’t have everything in a show this crowded.

Friday Night Lights lives?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much else to offer. Read More Posted Oct 25, Man With a Plan.

Its humor is more of the sly observational variety. Season 3 Preview Mad Men: Season 2 Review Column Breaking Bad: Girls remains extremely self-aware. Interview with Matt Weiner Mad Men: As with so many things that happen seasom Greendale, it’s best not to spend too much time thinking about the reasons behind it.