However, she meets an ancient Flame Haze, Khamsin Nbh’w , who tells her the truth about the world. The Flame Haze army retreats as the Snake of the Festival destroys their morale. Meanwhile in the Divine Gate, Sabrac stands to delay Shana’s progress. Pheles had made her appearance in front of Yuji, much to the surprise of the Shana and the other Flame Hazes. As Yuji fades away, the clock strikes midnight and Yuji’s Power of Existence is restored. As the war continues, the castle holding Shana takes considerable damage, and when a blast traps her, she is unable to move for a short while.

They and Shana finally gain their confidence back. At the square the following evening, Hecate suddenly appears, casts a blue hemisphere around the area and removes the Midnight Lost Child from Yuji despite the Keeper. Yuji shares his Power of Existence so Shana can repair the damages without sacrificing any of the classmates. The festival ends without any more disruptions, and it seems that everybody forgot about Konoe. A Crimson Lord, Sydonay, finds out about Yuji’s treasure. The Seeking Research Denizen Dantalion has already started his plan to open up a gate to another dimension above the festival and now all three Flame Hazes, humans; Satou, Tanaka after hearing Ogata’s confession , Kazumi, and following Yuji’s amaze instinct, must work together to defeat him. The three Gods fight alongside Shana whilst the mad scientist Dantalion prepares to finish ceremony for the creation of Xanadu. Yuji came back to convince Yoshida to join him in building the new universe.

One of them, Anabel, lures her into a trap where Sydonay seasln to inflict a fatal wound on her. Meanwhile, Shana is alone and powerless, when she notices what’s going on and sees it as the chance to escape she’s been waiting for. After seeing the fallen kingdom reside with Shiro, Wilhelmina and Shana part ways and leave seasob their journey as Flame Hazes. Yuji tells Margery the Silver didn’t kill those around her, she did. Midnight comes, and the Midnight Lost Child activates, replenishing the Sahna of the Festival’s powers.


Shana, having limited options due to a treasure tool in the form of a wrist chain binding her power as a Flame Haze, throws a pillow at Hecate, who sets it on fire and inadvertently has it land outside on the balcony where Yuji can see it.

Meanwhile, in our world, Margery is in a coma and Eita cannot wake her up, unless Satou comes back. Meanwhile, Satou and Tanaka meet in front shanaa a convenience store to talk.

The first two were available to those who reserved copies of the first and fifth Japanese DVD volumes of the first season.

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Shana and Kazumi grow jealous of Konoe’s attachment to Yuji. Produced by the animation studio J. Later on, she learns that Alastor has joined Yuji.

The Misago Festival is coming soon and Kazumi has made up her mind to confess her feelings to Yuji there. Tanaka avoids Margery because of her attack where she had nearly killed Ogata. The Statue starts to take awaken, with Konoe’s memories as its brain and the Midnight Lost Child as its heart.

Shana is unsure to believe him and the three Flame Hazes fight with Yuji as he casts a black Seal. At the time she witness everyone around get getting slaughtered by it, it was acting as a mirror of her hatred towards everyone who abused her, and did all the things Margery secretly wanted to do to them on her behalf.

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At the last moment, Fecor protects it and dies from the power of the spell. Retrieved April 4, Two more were available with the limited edition versions of seawon first and fifth Japanese DVD volumes of the second season.

While Yuji and Shana rummage through Friagne’s old pile of Treasure Tools during a hot summer’s day, Yuji finds and uses a telescope-like object, causing him and Shana to switch bodies. Back xhana Shana became a Flame Haze, she was living in a large castle-like structure floating in the eipsode, the Heavenly Palace Tendo-kyualong with Alastor, the skeleton Shiro, who trains with Shana, and a maid and Flame Haze, Wilhelmina Carmel.


By using a Seal, Shana want to make sure if she is Hecate or not.

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A Crimson Lord, Sydonay, finds out about Yuji’s treasure. It will summon Pheles, but to do so, the human who uses it will disappear due to their limited Power of Existence. Yuji and Kazumi walk together during a sunny day. Thus, all Denizens would leave the world and the Flame Hazes would stop fighting against them.

Shana and Kazumi continue brooding over Konoe and Yuji’s growing relationship; Wilhelmina starts taking parenting advice from Chigusa and tried to cook a home-made meal for Shana. Then he, accompanied by the Trinity, go through the gate. All Flame Hazes prepare themselves for the war, Carmel goes into the sea to the fallen kingdom of Heavenly Palace and brings it out of the sea.

Yuji asks Shana for Yukari Hirai’s torch so he can restore her to existence. The story follows Yuji Sakai, a high school boy who inadvertently becomes involved in an age-old conflict between forces of balance and imbalance in existence. While on a date with Kazumi Yoshida at the art museum, Yuji meets Lamisthe Corpse Collector, who has been eating many of the Torches in town whose flames are about to burnt out in order to fulfill a wish of his, and they have a friendly conversation.

After getting heavily injured, Shana must recover in the care of Wilhelmina. The story shifts back to the present, where Yuji asks Shana why she likes melon bread, but she does not tell him. Khamsin and Rebecca infiltrate the Serei-den and start attacking and destroying everything.

Yuji follows Shana in her battle against Friagne and gets captured.