Will JR demand to meet his father as Marlene reveals that it was David who sent her to prison all along? Episode 3 – One name, one fate of the two David Garcia Jr. With the help of a security guard, Audrey was brought to a nearby clinic where she relayed what happened to her parents. Member feedback about Indonesia’s Got Talent: He is also one of the first Indonesian youtubers who received “Youtube Partner Rewards” and the first Indonesian youtuber that gain more than 1 million subscribers. But then Dave suddenly arrives and JR has to stand aside and let the two say their goodbyes to each other. The story is similar to Jumanji , another illustrated book by Van Allsburg in the book, the Zathura game is contained inside the Jumanji one, although paradoxically the astronaut is revealed to be the creator of Jumanji.

Debut album of the two was given the title “The Journey of The format of the show was taken from La Academia, which originated in Mexico. He has also worked as a singer, appearing in the group Amartya, together with Anjasmara, Gunawan, and Tia Ivanka. Astro Aruna was a hour Indonesian language television network previously available on the Astro satellite television service. Career beginnings Raffi began his career as an actor. Member feedback about Teuku Wisnu: Agnes Monica Muljoto born 1 July , known professionally as Agnez Mo, is an Indonesian singer, songwriter and actress. Early life He lived in Aceh, Jakarta and in Oklahoma in his childhood, before finally settling in Jakarta.

Andrew Fleming Produced by: It focuses on two friends, Motu and Patlu, living in the fictional city Furfuri Nagar.

Television channels and stations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television channels and stations ended in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain EngvarB from February Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Shandy had appeared in soap operas like Inayah and films such as Apa Artinya Cinta? Her solo career began with the release of her first single “Selingkuh” in early Member feedback about Conchita Caroline: Every 3 months, he visits his family in Indonesia.

Member feedback about Beverly Hills, The station has a strong focus on cultural programming, such as a program dedicated to wayang performance. Member feedback about Raffi Ahmad: Pemeran Para pemeran sinetron Kepompong, ki-ka: Women’s studies in Asia series.


Loretta is then rushed to the hospital while Stan tearfully relays what happened to Kepommpong over the telephone. As it happens, Dave made his parents believe that someone took his cellphone when they asked him about it the day before.

Luckily, JR her son sineton David proved to be a smart kid whom she believes will remove their family from a life of poverty.


At first, the programming was similar to that of RCTI, using some of their news programs until they could produce their own. He tells her that he is David Garcia, Jr. The Sunan then observed the people present in the meeting and proposes that Kya Early life He lived in Aceh, Jakarta and in Oklahoma in his childhood, before finally settling in Jakarta.

Member feedback about Cinta Fitri: This, the longest-running show produced by Spelling, aired slightly longer than Dynasty. The next day, Dave almost forgot to see Audrey off at the airport because of the awarding of winners in the interschool basketball game where he and JR are part of.

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She obtained a bachelor’s degree of Business Management in St Brigid’s College Australia, but continued to be interested in acting, so she joined the Theatre Institute.

Member feedback about O Channel: Member feedback about Zaskia Sungkar: Panic-stricken, she attempts to explain what happened to her back home but both Marlene and JR could hardly believe her story.

Since then he is always known by the nickname. Raffi’s acting in the movie got prais from film critics. Format South Korea started to broadcast television series in the s. She is the third child of four siblings of Teuku Joesransjah. Career Wisnu began his entertainment career with a car accident. It first aired on Indosiar in November 1, But even though Dolores assured them that they have the right to forget about the past and move on, the two of them opt to keep their relationship a secret for now.

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I really miss this squad “De Rainbow”. Cinta Fitri topic Cinta Fitri Fitri’s Love is an Indonesian sineetron opera with 7 seasons and 1, episodes that ran for 4 years. Episode 46 – JR and Audrey are in love Since both JR and Audrey refuse to act on their feelings for each other, Dolores paves the way for them by bringing them together in Tagaytay.


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Miguel Faustman as David Garcia, Sr. The network was then sold by Abdul Latief and the new owners changed the name from Lativi to tvOne.

Member 220 about Tamara Bleszynski: When Dave and JR were sent to the Philippine Military Academy, they started to get competitive with each other, in academics, and for their true love. The Two Of Us Directed by: Its main role is to update viewers of the latest news in the world.

He immediately hits her upon learning that it was JR who sent them. The newscast is a half-hour pre-midnight news sibetron and it continues to be one of the strongest late night shows in Indonesian television industry, Buletin Malam was also carried by RCTI’s then sister station SCTV.


She began her debut soap opera with played for Saras in Indosiar. Member feedback about List of television stations in Indonesia: Raffi Ahmad born 17 February is an Indonesian presenter, actor, and singer. Member feedback about Timothy Marbun: Melepas canda, menikmati keindahan masing-masing kampung halaman.

Years later, Mi-nam becomes a music idol and Mi-nyeo lives in a junior nun dorm to fulfill her dream of becoming Sariaatmadja as its President Director. The lives of Dave and JR are bound to become more complicated, however, as the latter begins to grow fonder of Audrey.

Member feedback about Deva Mahenra: Career She began her career as an actress in TV commercials. In addition as actor, he developed his career as advertisement star, presenter, and singer. But since JR remains stubborn with his desire to be friends sinetorn Dave, Ingrid wages war against him and his impoverished family.