Can’t they design hoodies, jewels, swiw suits or anything else? Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I wonder if this will be the drama version of ‘Switching Partners’ lol The format is based on Drama City and Best Theater. Episodes by LollyPip. This title is currently unavailable.

Google and found him acting in historical Joseon drama Jejoongwon and has very good review, just finished watching Jejoongwon his acting is so amazing. Couldn’t tell you a thing about the story though ;-. I think 50 episodes are way too many, and it might follow the humiliating fate that befell on another now-cut-down-toepisode drama. Works by Pan Entertainment. Episode 6 by Helcat. That’s her brother who was killed she believes by Nam Na bi.

Choi Myung-gilOh Jung-se. The drama starts as she embarks on a new phase of her life after fame, fortune, and anti-fans: Unnie October 5, at 6: This drama sound fun! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I can’t help staring at all those nose jobs either! Seo Young-ji is ashamed of her poor upbringing and works hard to better herself.

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Lee Chung-ahKim Jin-woo. Articles containing Korean-language text Articles with Korean-language external links. Either he does something wrong right away, or pulls some kind of con Or perhaps the marriage itself is one? Kim Sung Soo Main Ddrama. Guess it’ll have to be freaking hilarious premiere to get me hooked.


Drama Special – Ugly Love “. I like him in Full House. I guess Korean women are shoe fetish. Drama specials season 8 Lee Joo-seungKang Min-ah. If it isn’t, I guess it’ll be a good excuse for me to rewatch Jejoongwon. Kim Sung Soo also played such a goof in More Charming by the day.

Log in with Email. Yep, movie was Sweet Sex and Love. I came to know the lead actor Park yong woo after watching My love Madamme butterfly and fell in love with him he’s a good and natural actor.

Cutting Off the Heart. But now in her mids, Na Bi finds that she is starting to develop more anti-fans and her popularity seems to be slipping away just as easily as it had come.

My Love Madame Butterfly Sinopsis

Episodes by LollyPip. Drama specials season 2 However, when Joon-woo discovers that Young-ji isn’t Ah-mi, and in fact has a poor family to look after, he dumps her. The trailer tells me Yeom Jung-ah is ready to mess herself up epically for laughs, which means I have another premiere to add to my ever-growing to-watch list.



KBS television short dramas. And hour long episodes at that Before dating Joon-woo, Young-ji was also recently dumped by Choi Do-kyung, a poor, but mt social climber. Yeom Jung-ah is a terrific actress. For the Atlantic Starr song, see Secret Lovers. I does not like the lead actress My love Madamme butterfly her whole face is so fake and she’s looks so old and overacted.

Lee JoonCho Soo-hyang.

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Gaah, why couldn’t this just be a regular miniseries? Since then, dramas adapted from comic books or online novels rose to the mainstream, leaving even less space for short dramas to make a comeback.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Sunday night from iorea Drama specials season 4 The surgeon, Jung Ah-mi, asks her for a favor: