He runs an ice cream truck on the side. It wasn’t drunk driving, it was speeding without a valid license. She saw the way that fighting for power left her daughter. If anything, she should be in love with Dongfang. What the hell, Won? And I think ES is temporarily without a phone then, while in her new place?

Young-do exclaims that if Tan wants to see Eun-sang so badly, he should just go see her already. Also i hope KWB will be the lead for his next drama cause he is such a really good actor, he made an pyschotic,evil,bully highschool student that you really want to hate lovable,its like his magic. TeaCharmer December 12, at 8: I cannot imagine another actor playing YD. A woman is NOT an item. The scene with him crying in the study was heartbreaking. The acting was beautifully done though I have never seen a male actor cry this much in a drama normally it’s the female lead who is always crying.

I truly felt attached to only three characters in this entire drama – Young Do, Tan’s mother, and hyo-sin. Nah, you might be rare HERE, but a lot of other sites are all squee-ey and stuff: Retrieved February 11, Ivoire December 12, at Good on them and hope they can keep it up for the rest of the run. And Young Do offered to run away with her, too. Even though I would’ve liked Youngdo and Eunsang to happen, but I would rather have him reuniting with his mum.

I suppose it is a rich boy thing.

In the future he’ll need to have paternity test and she’ll wonder if he’s really working late or following in his father’s footsteps. I feel so gypped because he was one of the few real characters I enjoyed.

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Thank you, curious, I appreciate it. Drama Omma December 12, at 8: At least Lee Hyun Jin was in this episode. He was obsessive, abrupt, and so bossy to her, but I just love that Love is the Moment look in his eyes when he stared at her. Obsession is definitely not love and to me she seems misguided in that direction, thanks to the scripts and….


He leaves the umbrella in her hand and walks off into the rain, leaving her to break down into sobs behind him. The female was 2 dimensional, but I really loved the male lead. Sha Jiejie is the funnest. Thanks Windsun33 for the info.

I don’t care how scary YD’s dad was, a real mother would have fought tooth and nail to be with her child. Thank you for the recap Javabeans. The setting was also moved from Denver to Atlanta, in part because of Atlanta’s diversity. LoveIt December 5, at 8: How will you take responsibility for your mom?

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I can relate to that. Ivoire December 13, at 2: Her perception of romance is definitely on the other side of the spectrum from mine. Apart from their arbitrary personality changes, I especially don’t like how this show expects me to root for KT and YD, even though their behaviour towards women is in my eyes downright despicable. My thoughts on Eun Sang: Dear stylists, My grandparents could do abetter job at styling LMH.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 17

Sometimes the role an actor plays requires them to be less individualized in order to work thd their Tan runs into MS in front of his house. That totally helps, because I knew what I had heard,and the person I had communicated with was insisting on the fact that YD had not said anything.


Hello Rachelle, Did that work, using the notebooks? Tan goes back to his empty apartment, and takes down the dreamcatcher. Why does a young thing like you have no fear?

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Thanks for reminding us yet again that the girl is something to be passed back and forth between men, whose ownership is determined by the rich guy who decides her fate for her.

I very much suspect that the original plot had someone jumping off the roof, thus the body outline. I don’t get DF. News that she would not be returning for season two.

Does she really like Shifu? They wrapped it up in bows for everyone else but shit, if you’re going to go make a shitty drama and end with a cliche happy ending, make it happy for all the characters. But instead he has to stand behind hyung and learn the family business properly.

OhPaulliexD December 5, at 1: How about a letter? Oh now I can answer that one, yes, because YD tells her not to buy a new phone with her real name. Seems it is the first time Esther heard about this. So by the time she actually enters the series, we’ve established expectations about her character—which Alexis episove happily break.

Fashion-sense wise Kim Tan pretty nailed it: