She pulls herself upright and brings him up too complaining that he always makes a mess. Sa Ran is torn because she wants to go to the funeral but knows Da Mo will be there. Disguised in plain clothing and a large hat, Sun drops in on a bookseller—underground, from the looks of it—to collect his latest order that has just come in. Point is, not all people feel bothered on one drama and claim the other on another drama. Yeon Won is giving me chills with her crazy. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Notify me of new posts via email. Even Wang Wook smiles at that dig. Wang Wook orders Shin Yool to get documents together. Son Ja and Sa Ran have to pull them apart. Point is, not all people feel bothered on one drama and claim the other on another drama. I was hoping that I’m not the only one who noticed this.

SHe had a gisaengg there but the story was too damn good to call her very short part a scene stealer. Fate is starting to go against Sa Ran. She demands to know about the bronze mirror. Wang So asks Sik Ryeom how he could tell the King he was the leader of the black assassins.

Sa Ran has trouble with her step mum Sa Ran is in shock. Is he trying to be kind? I wasn’t necessarily rooting for the Ji-Dam Sun relationship regardless of the age gap but I really like the younger actress prefer her acting over Han Ga In’s in “Moon Embracing nfw Sun”.


Wang So objects to his insolent behavior. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

You seem like you have something to ask me. The show was ruined for me. Sa Ran says no, though. Grandfather takes a bowl of water outside to pray to find his granddaughter, while his daughter in law looks on, sadly. Yet the court bursts stor in a chorus of protests, as the Norons insist on death for the Soron traitors. Teacher Park lorean their escape and encounters them on their way out of the city, ushering them to a safehouse temporarily.

Terrific scene for Yeo Won.

Is he that eager for his father to die? That is the only way you and your company can survive.

New Tales of Gisaeng 1-52 (Final)

Han is in shock that Ra Ra is not her daughter sinopsie all. If the King is ill, he must continue on. Cheong Ok is being tortured and her sister is there. He states he feels indebted and will pay off his debt one day soon.

Sik Ryeom counters it was old age. Yeongjo notes that the Norons have grown in power since the Sorons were cut down, and sinkpsis what his son means by this.

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And what a way to learn the truth. He asks Sik Ryeom for documents on the move to stoory west. Guess who stops by…Wang So. I too look forward to the tangle of these smart ladies.


New Tales of Gisaeng Review episodes 11-20

It also leaves him locked in the storage room alone. If this is made public, Sik Ryeom is a dead man. I am onboard the KYJ-LJH ship although I would have probably liked it even if they didn’t go for romance, because I’ve grown to like Hyegyeong because, at the very least, really, what have we seen in the drama so giisaeng between them?

This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat And then, we reopen three years later. I can finally bid my goodbye to the Ji Dam-CP ship at this point of the drama.

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Yeongjo assembles his full court to announce that he will be resuming direct rule in this time of difficulty and turmoil. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The seller wonders what he means to do with these books and maps, which are diverse and somewhat dangerous writings that are critical of tyranny.

The unraveling of Yeongjo’s mind is so fascinating to me.