As Eun Sang peers out into the rain, she sees Tan across the street, staring at her with intense eyes underneath his umbrella. It cuts him up inside to say it. Outside, she can hear Tan wrecking his room in anger. Tan says go ahead. How could he run to her freely when he knows why she is here, why he had to search so hard and travel so far to find her? Tan is looking at all the car black box recordings.

Queen In Hyun’s Man. Eun Sang emerges from behind the fluttering clothing. Rachel gets up to leave then, when Tan bursts in to the classroom. Love hurts because it desires see bolded verse in poem above. R wants HS to act like nothing happened the kiss. Koizumi appears quite impressed with this.

He will return her to the life she had before she met him. Aww, MS is making me laugh in this stressful episode! But then episods talks about it, asking if Tan has already come.

Episoxe hurts because it desires see bolded verse in poem above. I still like Tan. I have already written about this, but here it is again: Young Do, his dad, Rachel, and her mom have dinner together. Won informs dad about Tan.

Tan is there for driving without a license and speeding.

It hurts for Tan and Eun Sang as they both desire each other but also know that their love brings the jice troubles. He informs him that he found ES and went to see her. Spy says the chairman wanted to know where ES was.


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Tears immediately well in her eyes as he starts to slowly walk toward her. Tan sees it has been used at a store using a certain money distribution company, so he starts to call every store that uses that company. This is news to Koizumi and Nobu and they decide to ask Maity about this. Outside, she can hear Tan wrecking his room in anger. Why do you break my heart so? He makes calls all night long, but so far, nothing. Posted in animeepisode summariesLovely Complexreviews Leave a Comment.

kutudrama: Update My Love From Another Star Episode 18 & Episode 19 (Lengkap)

HS asked if that it what she wants to talk about; she saw him kiss someone, and he did it for her to see, so she should ask about that. HS comes in, and YD tells him that he is investigating. Why does a young thing like you have peisode fear? Tan is relieved to learn that Eun Sang is at eppisode in the country. Yoon informs CY that Eun Sang left and he helped her. At the police station, YD paces impatiently while waiting for ES. Otani asks her not to bother since it sounds weird and will probably just make them sick if they eat it.


He says no, he is making a deal with her- a give and episodde. Later at basketball practice, the group is energetic aiming for the finals.

HS says he will be able to get into film school just with his previous awards creds. Alone, Eun Sang cries, worried and tired from trying to keep on a bright face. Inside his room, Tan sits in the dark, his hand bloody, sinopzis falling, and eyes glaring. Won counters that Tan was always truthful and affectionate to him for the 18 years he hated and ignored him. He leaves with BN.

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Dad replies that all he did was advise her to live according to standards that befit her. YD also asks if ES will not come back to Seoul. Owner asks why Eun Sang is not going to school.