Moreover, conventional polyester films are also known to have shortcomings such as non-uniform heat-shrinkage and crinking during a high temperature shrinking process, which cause the deterioration of the appearance and quality of labeled containers. Some additional film information is as follows: At the first tunnel, shrinking can be performed stepwise. Guideline on General P If the seamed label can be aged at least 1 day, it has better ink adhesion strength. The method of claim 5, wherein the copolyester composition comprises:

Labeling Shrinking Process For Better Appearance – Optimize temperature gradient and position of the nozzle in each zone. United States Patent Accordingly, the inventive film does not show wrinkles and distortion after shrinkage, and thus it can attain a good appearance quality after shrinkage. The properties of the films prepared by Examples 1 to 4 and Comparative Examples 1 to 5 were evaluated by the following methods, and the results are shown in Table 3. Click for automatic bibliography generation. When the maximum shrinkage stress is 6N or less, the film may show high resistance to cracking, riding up or skirt phenomenon and avoid the distortion of the container during labeling. Some additional film information is as follows:. Does not shrink at R.

The film can offer cost savings as it can be printed wkc the outside rather than the inside. Shrinking happens to diminish the residual stress when heat energy is supplied Shrinking? Shtink Convertability — These films have a uniform thickness and are dimensionally stable. In the end, PET heat-shrinkable film can be applied to non-beverage application. Mixing ratio varies with the conditions of each converter. Packaging Films Click here to search for detailed technical specifications.

Wick Needle Type Width: Residual stress is generated in stretching process?



Whether the need is for specialty packaging, or general use we have shrino films you need. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a heat-shrinkable polyester film having a good appearance after shrinkage due to a uniform heat-shrinkage and a resistance to a riding up or skirt phenomenon, as well as improved characteristics in terms of printability, mechanical strength, heat-resistance, and shrinkage ratio.

Whether used as a label, or cap seal the end product is one that can be depended on to meet, or exceed expectations of quality.

High Temperature Resistant — At high processing temperatures, the stable characteristics of these films are evident.

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Click for automatic bibliography generation. Heat transfer from a v Whether the need is for bottle labeling, or specialty applications we have the films you need. It is easy to print on and productivity can be improved substantially by using it versus traditional materials.

Low Natural Shrinkage — This characteristic results in easier storage of our films. If the seamed label can be aged at least 1 day, it has better ink adhesion strength.

Un-uniform crystallization by strong solvent may cause un-uniform shrink behavior such as folding around the neck, insufficient shrinkage and so on. Fiml polyester for shrink film applications. In addition, the shrinkage stress of such polyester film is unacceptably high, which often leads to non-uniform shrinkage with consequential distortion, end-bending or rupture, especially when subjected to a secondary thermal shrinkage process, e.

Properties of Polyester Films.

Polyester Films

Printing Method Flexo Printing using UV-Curable Inks – Many European customers use flexo printing method srink UV-curable ink, but free radical type UV-curable inks have some possibility of printing problem due to the insufficient drying. Please contact us directly if you have questions about the suitability of a certain film for your process and are ready to get started. A film sample was wrapped on a cubic container whose weight is 22 g and one side is 6 cm and then passed through a steam-heating type shrinking tunnel.


When the degree of shrinkage of FMEA guideline rev2 in The method of claim 5, wherein the copolyester composition comprises: Introduction Why Shrink Label Film? wkc

A film sample was cut into a piece of We want to work with you to help make your product a success. It is widely used for many products. However, the shrinkage rates of such polyester films are generally unacceptably high, which results in non-uniform shrinkage when subjected to a thermal shrinkage process using hot air, and therefore, it necessary to use a steam-heating type shrinking machine to prevent non-uniform shrinkage of the film.

United States Patent Introduction What is the Shrink Label Film? Multiple Uses — Our PVdC coated polyester film is typically used for skx processed meat, cheeses, snacks, bread shrihk instant foods.

The heat-shrinkable polyester film of claim 1, wherein the copolyester composition further comprises at least one selected from the group consisting of a reaction catalyst, a polymer stabilizer, a reaction additive, and an inorganic material.

SKC manufactures polyester films also known as PET films that are perfectly suited for packaging applications. Some of them are listed below.