How do you start one of these things? It seems as if many common things are unfamiliar to you. Give him the letter. Thanks again for you know What, saving your butt? Though, I was expecting something a little cooler. No, of course not. Way to go Burpy!

Stand sideways you’re harder to hit that way. We have slugs to win! Nobody asks the slugs! But you’re a Shane! I’m picking up where he left off. So what do you know about dueling? I, uh, grew up in the Shane’s most secret hideout.

You’re going to learn that they’re much more than ammo. I see you are as clever as I, young man.

You’ll be traveling over miles beneath the surface of the Earth to a place only a handful of topsiders have ever seen. You sluggerra very nice. You mean like this? I’m just here to win a few slugs before I go off and fight crime and stuff – What’s with your camera?

Slugterrainea s01e01 Episode Script

When it reaches miles an hour, it transforms. You should be more careful. Just one thing I need to do before we go.


No one can know about the surface Eli. And you’ll be fighting them.

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What good is a Shane without a tracker to lead him on his adventures? Nothin’ but floppers in here! But you’re a Shane!

I don’t really have a choice, do I. Already dispensing the justice I see? Who are you- Here you are!

Because if I’m going to fight evil, our first order of business is to catch me some slugs. If you choose to go, it’ll be a one way trip until you learn the secret of how to get back home.

It’s footage from a slug slinging match way out in Herringbone Cavern. Good luck you’re gonna need it. If you win this tournament, people will know that a Shane has returned to fight for justice and protect the innocent. So what do you know about dueling? Though, I was expecting something a little cooler. You are asking oru slugs? Yeah, well, Dad didn’t mention anything about needing a tracker, either.


Slugterrainea s01e01 Episode Script | SS

I’m sure you’ll agree, that a wise hero must choose his battles. Will Shane was someone to be afraid of. I have a few tricks of my own you know. Give him the letter. Think you’re finally going to beat me in a duel?

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You told that guy you were a Shane. Are you really willing to put it all on the line? Shouldn’t you be in there practicing?

I made my Dad a promise. Blakk, but aren’t you tired of getting beat? Now that is the Eli Shane that I know!

How do you like the name Joules?