The organization investigates alleged paranormal phenomena. Goofs When the Smurls are driving home from camping, John calls his wife Mary “Kate”, which is their granddaughter’s name. Alternate Versions Some scenes of “The Haunted” were cut off the video version, but the scenes were included when the movie first aired on television: In , the family brought in a pair of demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The organization has since abbreviated their acronym to CSI. When he turned to face his wife, he watched the shadowy figure run up her leg.

Janet doesn’t give any attention to her; a scene where Janet finds a strange stain in the new carpet she bought for the living room. But was it real? Was their experience the result of mass hysteria, local conditions, greed, or some combination of the above? My view is that, perhaps, in the beginning of their careers they had the best of intentions, that is, to assist people who have been experiencing unusual activity in their lives. Many reviewers regarded the book as one-sided, echoing skeptics who saw rational explanations behind the otherworldly claims of the Smurl family. On another occasion, it would have been a violent physical assault that threw her out of the marital bed, while Jack was completely paralyzed. The paranormal activity in the movie starts off small, with strange smells, weird voices and items going missing and showing up in odd places.

Just like one day, the TV would have started to catch fire on its own. The subsequent owners of the Chase Street duplex say nothing unusual has ever happened in their home. Soon after moving into their West Pittson duplex, life for the Smurls became a waking nightmare. Jack claimed a succubus entered the living room and raped him while a baseball game played on the TV.

But then kitchen appliances started to go up in flames even when they weren’t plugged in – and then there was the smell.

All in all, it’s not an Amityville Horror, but a pretty good made for TV movie that’s worth watching. Search for ” The Haunted ” on Amazon. Cuneo 15 October Especially this time when a dark spot would have appeared inexplicably on a carpet in the house. Had I kept it? Skeptics haknting said that the family fabricated their story in order to monetize from haumting, especially since Jack Smurl scored a lot of movie and book deals not long after.


I never drove past, but I plan to. The haunting became so bad that the Catholic Church got involved in an attempt to exorcise the demon. But, I never wanted to be in the home alone. His wife even claimed he paid her a visit?!

Smurl haunting

I did further research. Alternate Versions Some scenes of “The Haunted” were cut off the video version, but the scenes were included when the movie first aired on television: Add the hsunting question.

Two unsuccessful exorcisms ensued; the third one appeared to work, fanily the family later determined that it had failed. The Smurl family move into their new home on Chase Street only to find that it is plagued with three spirits and a demon.

The longer we lived there the less experience we would have.

Meanwhile, Janet gave birth to two little girls, and the situation in the house was getting worse and worse. Want more ghost stories? Cause that is the only thing that is gonna keep me from killing somebody.

Smurl Haunting : Alleged Paranormal Phenomena and Demons!

The demons of the Smurl family constantly haunted the family and followed them wherever they went, both at work hauting camping, depending on the family.

My aunt was visiting and she heard voices so she thought she may as well get out of bed and have coffee only to go downstairs and everyone was still in bed sleeping.

Therefore that person must be lying. But it occurred decades before, and blocks away, from the Smurl house. When Kurtz asked the Smurls to undergo comprehensive psychological and physiological exams, they refused. So were the experiences legitimate or were they all exaggerated for the purpose of making money out of it?


The home that our faimly lived in was haunted.

The family dog was subjected to unimaginable terror too as he was pinned to the wall by an unknown entity. On her way home from a stay at a mental institution after a traumatic rape, a woman realizes that someone is deliberately trying familyy drive her insane. Home for the Holidays TV Movie She would also hear knocking on her bedroom door. Learn more below, and check out stills from The Haunted in our gallery!

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Can the Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Janet woke up several times in a state of levitation.

Mr Warren passed away some years back. But like every ghost story, the Smurl family was about to be the terrorized by entities even further. Also, the eldest daughter reportedly saw transparent shapes hanging above her bed. Martin’s Press announced in November that it was publishing a book about the Smurl haunting. Retrieved 16 August On several occasions, when she was alone in the house, she said she heard her name being spoken, no matter how much she looked around smjrl house, she never found the culprit.

When we moved out I was talking about the house with my mom and she had hqunting same experience with the yelling in the ear.

After investigating the house, Lorraine, who is a clairvoyant, concluded that the Smurl family were sharing their space with four entities: Janet and her mother-in-law reportedly saw traces of blows, bites and stings all hautning her body. Jack Smurl Louise Latham On a daily basis, scratches or rales loud and hoarse breathing were reported, especially in the walls.

Their story is a classic case familly a demon doing its best to destroy a happy family.