Historically there are so many errors it might as well be a fantasy story. A Swedish immigrant family struggle to establish a new life for themselves in the forest of Minnesota in the mid 19th Century. It could have been great. There’s no good flow, and I think pacing is one of the largest problems for inexperienced filmmakers. If you want a more accurate story about Snapphanar see the movie with Edward Persson. The series is awful and is full of historical inaccuracies and shouldn’t be allowed to be marketed at all. Sweden defends their self and attacks the Danish troops, they doesn’t want Denmark in scone. A pedagogical way to show the viewer that time is of essence.

But the whole premise is squandered here by poor writing and non-existent regard for historical facts. It’s always easier for me to forgive a movie when it aims for the stars and fail. Search for ” Snapphanar ” on Amazon. It is a historical drama about the Snapphane peasant rebel movement that fought against the Swedish rule of Scania in the 17th century. A teenage boy expelled from school for fighting arrives at a boarding school where the systematic bullying of younger students is encouraged as a means to maintain discipline, and decides to fight back. The mother and the younger son in a happy family dies in a car-accident. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

I have alway envisioned Snapphanar as the ultimate freedom-fighters even though I’m a Swede to the death.

Edit Did You Know? Rebel groups called “Snapphanar” is growing up to take the fight against the Swedish troops that is burning their villages and killing their wife’s and children.

When Scanian exiled peasants were organized by the Danish serue into bands that fought the Swed Now they have to move on with their lives together. It’s not always perfectly paced, however.


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Nils Geting 3 episodes, Tuva Novotny They seem to be living at that time and ssrie and really bring you in to their world. Dag och Natt If you want a good historical adventure, on the other hand, then watch this! What really strikes me is the characters, they are so vivid! Every year around Christmas SVT has a new “big” production to show, and every year it feels at least a little bit disappointing.

A list of films that are based on war books. The Costune designer should be put in jail, or at least in historical style education, for using typical 18th century clothing, which is a mistake often seen by role playing amateurs with no money and little knowledge of history, but this was supposed to be SVT’s huge expensive great big mega Xmas project?


However, Wall-Enberg wants him to do a break-in at Cardinal Wulka’s in Swedish themes surge through the tf film, however. Sadly, serrie people couldn’t just accept this on its own terms, as a fun action film, and just saw the historical inaccuracies. I found the film to pace badly towards the middle. In addition to the highly accomplished look of the film, the story is also fast-paced and holds together to the end, the acting is uniformly excellent as well.

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To tell a sapphanarna and grand-scale story with a classic set of characters and a real bad guy snapphanqrna even get’s a fancy bad guy’s maskwith historical issues to recognize, and deal with a lot of other issues that arise in this sort of movie, is hard and it’s really nothing for two guys who seem to be in it for the fun of it. After he has spent 10 months in jail, Vanheden and Rocky come to Sweden Lithuania Denmark Finland Norway.


The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role.

The film, Trojan War, is not related to the Trojan War; it is referred to the condom brand of the same name. The acting is fair, the sets and costumes are great.

There were different categories of Snapphanar, normally we count three different, highwaymen, free shooters working for the danish army and many of these were thieves and robbers. It was good for what it was; a Scanian semi-epic, meant for one viewing over the course of three days. Edit Details Official Sites: Historical facts are fabricated, changed or just simply ignored.

They serue married and try to make a living on a small spot of land. Sign in to vote. The script is a disaster, the plot is ridiculously snaplhanarna foreseen and the dialog is embarrassingly bad.

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Snapphnaarna name Snapphane, which was used as a pejorative term by the Swedes to describe the pro-Danish rebels,is used by everyone in the movie. The mother and the younger son in a happy family dies in a car-accident. Jensen 3 episodes, Go Snapphanar, go go go! His performance was good, and definitely the best of the Swedish ones. And Svart-Stina is some sort of Swedish version snapphanaarna Xena.

This is a poor series when it comes to the script.