Star Vijay is available in the United States in select local markets via major television service providers, such as Comcast Xfinity , Dish Network , and more in SD quality. They personally approach the king of a small kingdom in their dominion called Chandrasailam and ask for the hands of Shubhangi, the princess. Duryodhana and Shakuni seek private audience with Sahadeva while the Pandavas are in a meeting with Drupada and Virata and Yudhishtra asks everyone to leave. Shakuni tells Duryodhana not to worry over his defeat by the Pandavas but rejoice over discovering the Pandavas before the completion of the period of incognito exile. Virtuous Vikarna, Dritarashtra’s son from a Vaisya woman, protests and requests that the kingdom that the Pandavas seek should be restored to them immediately. She then lets her decision be known to Yudhishtra through a messenger. She doesn’t choose to ascend the funeral pyre of her husband Pandu like Madri did, but brings her sons to Hastinapura to reclaim the throne.

Shubhangi is furious to know that Duryodhana doesn’t support Karna against Bhishma and she threatens to demand an explanation from Duryodhana. Pandavas are discussing about the invitations to be sent for Abhimanyu’s marriage with Uttara. A note from the writer of the blog: Duryodhana, Dushshasana and Shakuna are brought handcuffed before Yudhishtra who orders Arjuna and Bhima to release them. Chennai , Tamil Nadu , India. Monday, 6 July Draupadi is alarmed as this would mean that the Pandavas would have to spend another thirteen years in exile. Sunday, 18 January

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He then explains how Duryodhana had scorned each of his suggestion for peace, including that of giving merely five houses for the Pandavas. She episide Keechaka elisode spare them, but Keechaka wants to make Draupadi yield to him.

Krishna, who is watching them all, decides to take a nap. Krishna Gives Parijata Flower to Rukmini Krishna appears from the fire of Yagna that Indra is performing at Indraloka to seek Vishnu’s help in vanquishing Narakasura who has imprisoned devas and their wives.


While he is talking to him, Duryodhana overtakes them and enters the palace. He refuses to give the Pandavas even the five houses that Krishna asks for, saying he wouldn’t part with even a 160 land.

As Kunti doesn’t know Pandavas’ whereabouts, she tells him that they should wait till the Pandavas return back after one year.

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Though all the three of them feel the humiliation of being saved by their enemy, they still want to save their face.

Gandhari is apprehensive and privately tells Duryodhana’s wife Bhanumathi to make sure they did not get into any mhabharatham with the Pandavas. Shakuni replies that he wants to prevent Shikhandi’s participation in the war, as s he could kill Bhishma.

He tells Duryodhana to provide food and accomodation to the weary Shalya who were on their way to Upaplavya majabharatham join the Pandavas.

Narada is present there too. Duryodhana Plots to Humiliate Krishna Despite Shakuni’s advice not to engage in a fight with Gandharvas who were powerful enough to dpisode killed their grandfather ChitrangadaDuryodhana enters into a fight, but finds that he is no match for the Gandharva who has mystical powers and can become invisible.

She asserts vehemently that the Pandavas will seize Hastinapur that rightfully belonged to them, but was given as alms by her mahavharatham Pandu to his father Dritarashtra. Vidura assures a desolate Kunti that nothing untoward could have ever happened to the Pandavas and sends his men to find out about their welfare.

She therefore decides to respect Duryodhana’s order as a king and would not attend Abhimanyu’s wedding. Duryodhana fails to see divinity in Krishna and the infallibility of His words and ignores the words of Dritarashtra. Star Vijaycommonly known as Vijay TVis an Indian Tamil language general entertainment private broadcast television network that is owned by the Star India[1] a subsidiary of American multinational mass media corporation 21st Century Fox.

They surmise correctly that Draupadi’s Gandharva husband alone could have shn the invincible Keechaka. Karna feels bad that he couldn’t do much for his friend in his hour of need. Karna and Duryodhana insult the Pandavas and Draupadi to their heart’s content. Karna barges wun into his palace mahavharatham throws off his bow and the quiver of arrows. Jayadratha Captures Draupadi At Dwaitavana Balarama joins them and is told about Duryodhana’s mission in garnering support for hastinapur.


Sage Durvasa thanks Dritarashtra; he expresses happiness over Duryodhana’s hospitality and asks him what boon he wants. Krishna tells her her son is Karna.

His governance was impeccable. Virata Raja offers her asylum but withdraws it immediately when he comes to know that it was Keechaka who had chased her. Bhima can’t take all this, but Yudhishtra Kanaka secretly signals restraint. Kunti is now eager to tell Karna who he is and ask him to join the Pandavas.

Krishna reveals that Mahabharratham mother is his wife Bhama. However, he accepts her as a bride for his son Mahanharatham. After the successful completion of twelve years of exile, Pandavas leave Dwaita vana to plan their ajnatavasa. The channel is well accepted as the complete family entertainer with game shows, reality show, comedy, spiritual shows, cookery, talk eepisode, musical shows, drama, films, and events.

He answers all of Yaksha’s questions. Bhama requests Krishna’s permission to gift him away to somebody and Krishna promises his consent.

Duryodhana is highly disrespectful of Krishna and is in no mahabhaeatham for any reconciliation. Duryodhana and Shakuni seek private audience with Sahadeva while the Pandavas are in a meeting with Drupada and Virata and Yudhishtra asks everyone to leave.