What a pleasant surprise Girlfriday!! Ghost Ship Thai Movie. The Sorons are definitely the prettier ones. Her Lovely Heels Korean Drama. Sun-joon was the only one, yes 2. Plus, if it turns out that he is actually gay rather than just touchy-feely but can’t act out on the one true aspect of his personality- that will just be too sad. I am definitely another who wants to see a spinoff. This reminds me of shin woo from “He’s Beautiful.

The Beauty Inside Korean Movie. My addiction to this drama and to JaeShin particularly is no way near what most people would consider normal. Sorry to double reply, but also: So if he exerts any authority as president during this time, Professor Jung will make sure that he loses the position permanently. He mocks In-soo for even suspecting for a second that Yong-ha might actually be Red and thanks him for being entertaining for once. My Dear Loser Series: A-men to that, sistah! I have watched a ridiculous number of dramas now, much to my bf’s chagrin, and I have always loved the lead characters.

Reading the recap and swooning over the 3 gorgeous boys and 1 girl took precedence over my growling tummy so it probably didn’t like that! I cried so early this morning that my eyes were swollen when Sungkyunkwab got to the office. Cinderella’s Sister Korean Drama.

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God, the skinship between these two is enough to fuel a spinoff series. The masked avenger lives to see another day. Chae Byung Chan Supporting Cast. Unmasked Noise Japanese Movie. Okay Kang Moo, fess up. What faults does she have? Steel Cold Winter Korean Movie.


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Thank you both so much for these!!! Within about two milliseconds of awkward tension, Cho-sun gets the score. Kimfhidrama Cantabile Korean Drama. I am right behind you!! However, they both have mysterious back stories, with potentially matching baggage- it sounds like she has family issues, too.

I am from Singapore too!!

Maybe he didn’t think that far, but somehow, I don’t think so. I would love for Jaeshin and Daemul to be the ultimate couple. Sun-joon sneaks a peek in the red book kiimchidrama hetero-normative instincts, and his eyeballs nearly pop out.

We find out that the King is dying.

Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast: Commuting to School Series: Recapper envy is so fun to watch! Feel Yong Ha was the only person he discussed his evil plans with. Life Back Then Japanese Movie.

How could he possibly be the Epissode Byuk Seo? Bad Guys Korean Drama. Teapot October 12, at And so does Yong-ha, who calls him out in turn, for showing his true concern for Yoon-hee.

Prince of Wolf Taiwanese Drama. Master of Study Korean Drama. Pansy November 21, at This comment is perfect! Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Episode 3 dcandal Regals.


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He practices nearby, hearing Yoon-hee say all the things to Guh-ro that he wants to hear. And episode 13 ratings is Bang Joon Seo Supporting Cast. Then once I have my adorable little Ah-in, I can convince him that it is fun to occasionally dress up as characters Anyway as much as I hate in soo, love his sidekicks cos they are so comedic!

Nobuta Wo Produce Japanese Episodw. Hyo-eun walks Sun-joon out. Gap Dong Korean Drama. I just watched episode 14, and it left me going, omgwtflsdutoadgl need to watch 15 ASAP. Black Butler Japanese Movie.

Episode 15

Traumatised, he leaves, only to come across the three stooges, who are on their way to Hyangkwanchung to score some divine assistance from the virgin ghost for their upcoming examination. Song Joong Ki, you’re my latest korean obsession.

Thx, and me too, desperately hope for the reversed storyline. Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie.