It was like a big net was cast to the viewers, holding us still, that even when the narrative hit the agonizing break up and frustrating powerlessness of the hero, we remained optimistic that he will conquer it all and prove that love can happen if you earnestly work on it. I am telling myself to be on vigilance. Not cheesy and heart-fluttering nonetheless, Prince Young and his first love will take you to an amazing ride with their binding commitment in not giving up on love. Then SJ gives her the look like leave and she kinda shakes her head no like she doesnt want to leave so he says: Kim Yoon Shik is not a man. GYH had no doubt at all that she would stand by him when the others ridiculed him and she gave him the support he needed so well. So if I do what you want and sleep next to you, then it will be okay?

Insoo needs to work like he wants it! It doesn’t only focus on the main OTP’s developments. Yhee is the minnow and the King is the marlin in this metaphor and the Norons are the fishermen]. Twitter Facebook Email Print. Get me outta here! I had the subs in front of me for this whole scene — what YH writes in the air and his explanation and so on.

Not cheesy and heart-fluttering nonetheless, Prince Young and his first love will take you to an amazing ride with their binding commitment in not giving up on love.

I wonder if Yoochun’s gooddra,a hurt from all those neck extensions. You can overturn a government rather quickly, but you can’t overturn society. Besides, most sequels tend to, err, flop.

It’s pulled me out of lurkerdom and into the light. If his father is indeed the mastermind, then he should be the one to find out.

There is something you have to do CS: We will start looking for theYoorim staying at the hostels. What he fears is not the contents of the geumdeungjisa but the consequences of its reveal: People asked me why I started doing recaps and translations all of a sudden for this drama. Episose point of view they should have extended so they’re aren’t trying to cram so much in the last few episodes and there’s more closure for certain characters stories where you’re not wondering what happened to so and so.


And if they were going to injure him that much in E14, he should have at least gotten a hug out of it but noooo- they had to make it sungkyunlwan a spasm of pain keeps him from hugging Yhee- want to strangle the writer for that one missed chance. I wont forget how much you cared all this time.

Episode 19

When he stops her, she says that asking her to listen to him any longer is too cruel. I never imagined from the start that you could accomplish so much….

Which fits with the sungkyunowan hint in that education leads to higher offices which leads to political power and ultimately, ruling power. Sorry, epiwode blog cannot share posts by email. SuKEJunpyo November 7, at 3: When Minister Lee found out, he realized there could be trouble and helped cover up the tracks by offering the land deed.

The drama shouldn’t be stretched out for the sake of stretching things out.

Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. SJ returns the compass that was received earlier from the king as well as the advice from the king: The fearless and reckless Yoon-hee begins her search of the Jongmyo Shrine as the guards close in. Sun-joon explains that he thought it best if she knew, and Yoon-hee distractedly gathers her books and tries to leave.

Watch ‘ Sungkyunkwan Scandal ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. It only take a spark to create a torch of flame and that simple spark needs to start from within — the heart of a dreamer. Thank you soooo much for this recap! I really miss SKKS already. I am now watching the whole series for the 8th time. As I watched a MV someone posted and saw a compilation of his scenes, I knew the answer to that question and it was unequivocal.

Alright fine it was from episode 3 with a bare chested jae shin rolling around on the floor. I have to agree that the utmost intention was achieved. Yong-ha jumps into a fashion analogy to get a point across. Seo Hyo Rim Main Cast. The actors aren’t just running around wearing those robes in a wallpaper historical. In fact I really cried my eyes out when I saw that. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.


From watching MJS do everything he could to protect and cherish her, he gave me a reason to believe in love. IS and JS on the same side???? I am gonna mis everyone.

But because there is no room for negotiation with the ministers, he has found a secret weapon a trump card that can suppress the Norons. Park Dong Bin Supporting Cast. It continues to perplex me how Insoo can not win The future of the world I desire. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! So if I do what you want and sleep next to you, then it will be okay? Though, I have to say that Kim Gab Soo is a great actor.

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Because you know and understand history very well. It’s like adding chocolate sauce to a chocolate chip chocolate bar Csandal no lie, me serious.

Some of us lost sleep, some of us put our relationships at risk, some of us almost broke our refresh button, some of us had to go into hiding mode just to sneak away and watch this without our spouses knowing, and one of us got ulcers from stressing about writing these sungkyunkan and doing well on the live recaps.

It still hasn’t been said to Yeo-rim that she is a girl but I think it was confirmed to him unspoken by the way Jae-shin reacted to Sun-joon and Yoon-hee being on the scadal together overnight.

Then YH says in a flirting tone: Another reason is best summed up by this:. Seriously — if that wave of pain had just come like two seconds later- we wouldve had that hug. I will like to say that any assumption that some how ties the “Geum Deung Ji Sa” as a “Treatise” that deals with the “emancipation” of woman.