A wishing well is discovered to be the real thing when a girl’s teddy bear comes to life, someone wins the lottery and a local geek gets a beautiful girlfriend. Dean refuses, but they transport him there and refuse to let him leave until he finally agrees to it. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. I’m even hoping to see maybe a fight between angels maybe Gadreel and Castiel? Did you have protection? In the fourth-season opener, Dean has been freed from hell and reunites with Sam and Bobby, but the three don’t know how he returned. It’s gonna be hillarious. Episode 15 is up for your lunch viewing pleasure IMG:

Season 4, Episode 7 October 30, Although he can’t talk about it, she offers him reassurance and kisses him, which culminates in them having sex in the Impala on her last night on Earth. In each case, the victims attended the same church and confessed to the same priest. Eventually, he gets trapped in a crypt with no way out, where he finds the real Adam’s corpse; the Adam that is with Sam is the ghoul who killed and ate Adam to take on his form. Dark Dynasty Episode P ‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Spoilers:

When they arrive, they ask Jody to keep overeager Sheriff Donna Hanscum distracted while they look into the killings. Hopeless, Chuck contemplates suicidebut Zachariah dismisses the idea by saying that he would only bring Chuck back to life, and tells Chuck to just keep writing.

Distance and tension is put between the two brothers as Dean realizes that Sam is tapping into the demonic blood inside him with Ruby’s help and lying to him about it. Sam accidently fired the gun? When he goes for more beers, Zeke wants to know what Dean plans to do about the trench coat-less angel beacon. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.


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Alastair succeeds in killing the local reaper, but Sam and Dean, having been taught how to use their spiritual abilities by the ghost of a young boy named Cole Alexander Gouldmanage to break the trap holding Tessa before Alastair can kill her. May 14 Supernatural Bloodlines producer previews spin-off Dean, Ennis The writers never considered Bloodlines a replacement for the parent series, which has been renewed for a tenth season. Click and start watching while having lunch.

A hunter named Suprnatural points Sam and Dean towards a meat eating creature called a Rugaru. Sam manages to track down her Grace, which would turn her back into an angel and restore all her powers, but when the group goes to retrieve it, they find that it has already been taken. This section’s plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed.

Dean suspects that the siren is a doctor who Sam took an attraction to and had sex with while Dean was at the strip-club bonding with the FBI agent assigned to the case. Because it’s never too tvshiw7 to plan Thursday night Sam tries to teach Adam to hunt so that he may defend himself in the future.

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I told ya he’ll be back. Season 4, Episode 6 October 23, Planning to buy plaid shirts at the moment. The fillers getting really boring or repetitive already. However, the seal is still broken. When Castiel returns, Zeke heads for the parking lot to pout.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Nov 27 With the last seal broken, the brothers look on in terror as Lucifer begins to emerge from his opened cage. Any news one when next episode is coming? Sam hesitates to kill the innocent person being possessed, but gives in after hearing a supernaturally-altered voicemail from Dean in which “Dean” threatens to kill Sam the next time he sees him. Retrieved from ” https: The brothers realize that behind the murders is a sirena creature that can take different forms and desperately needs love, compelling people to kill others or themselves as a show of devotion.



Ask Jeeves Episode 6. Angel can easily kill Prophet for those who haven’t watch yet, Kevin died. The characters speculate that Castiel has been attacked by other angels and dragged back to Heaven, where Anna fears that he will receive a terrible punishment for whatever he found out and wanted to tell Dean. The siren puts Sam and Dean both under its spell and then pits them against each other in a fight to the death for its love.

Dec 19 The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Castiel and Uriel appearing and supetnatural to be taken to Anna so that they can kill her.

Sep 17, Rating: It’s going to be episoce combination of introducing some really really wonderful new characters into the mythology while also seeing a lot more of some of our favorite friends returning in the back half.

Mark Rolston as Alastair. Eplsode 4, Episode 20 April 30, Amy Gumenick as Mary. Oct 17 At the beginning of “Supernatural” Season 9, Tahmoh Penikett’s noble warrior angel Ezekiel was the hero. May 22 Episode 17 is Up for our lunch matinee show probably a filler episode IMG: A witch sacrifices people in a small town to summon a demon who may be a key to freeing Satan.