Kim Min Seo Main Cast. With such a cliffhanger ending for season 1 can’t wait to continue this. Screenplay Reading in engrossed in the appearance of an actor to feel the heat. Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. As well as the first cable drama ‘geurime Award ‘ was awarded the Excellence Award in the recognition elaborately depicts the configuration of the criminal investigation process, brain games, such as experimental, Cable TV Broadcasting Awards’ having won the ‘ But once he reaches the room, the tape has already fallen off. Now I know that not the actor is the problem, but his characters.

Kim Min Seo Main Cast. There was no way to identify the killer, as his identity was all forged and no one had ever seen him except for Hye Jin. Yoon Yoo Sun Supporting Cast. Posted March 4, Watch ‘ Good Doctor ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. He beats her to death, and then covers face with clown makeup.

Special Affairs Team TEN 2 episode 8 English Sub [1/5]

Na Young Hee Supporting Cast. April, — Runtime: He rang the fire alarm somewhere else in the motel, thus allowing him to blend in more easily and not get caught in the CCTV. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! The drama Special Affairs Team TEN that opens up a new model of investigation drama in Korea and achieves great success ends at midnight of January 13th, By 0ly40 Started June 18, It appears the killer gets close to these women first, then kills them.

Teugsusageonjeondamban TEN 2 Hangul: Strong cast, interesting cases and suspense. By firstnadya Started July 7, Moon Hee Kyung Supporting Cast. Choi Ro Woon Supporting Cast. Do Shik realizes that the killer was never in roomwhere Hee Joo was found. He directs Do Shik to Seocho police station, where her case was handled. So the three of them are all taken to an office to view CCTV footage from a building across the hotel.


Kim Sang Ho also immersive and concentrate on a more mature and become sleek look as scripted choewoosik pitting with a look of hopefuls.

Wang Ji Won Supporting Cast. Min Ho recognizes the area and the modus operandi of the killer.

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By Maetawinz Started September 28, Opened ending as for the end of season 1 question two relieve and new conflicts nine trillion by springing the etc. Unveiled a 20 ‘X 2’ screenplay reading scene photos OCN side.

Kim Hyun Soo Seaspn Cast.

He also points out that during the night they set a trap for the killer, Chief Jung was unaccounted for. The way these detectives must find clues to narrow down a phantom killer is similar to how I feel Sherlock Holmes dramadrazy need to break down his cases.

Cinematic quality and popularity, and grabbing two rabbits at once to announce the birth of South Korea well-made susamul ‘TEN’ new season is expected to be the first broadcast in April. Uhm Hyun Kyung Supporting Cast. Now that he has disappeared, he needs his team to help him again to discover the missing piece in all the cases.

She and Choi had a close relationship, and she visited his office quite often.

There are two males in the motel who stayed in their rooms alone, so Do Shik wants to investigate dramacrazg further. The officers outside no one had come in thus allowing him to think he was firstso how did Do Shik get in the room?

Good Doctor Volunteer Team. Ye Ri and Do Shik catch him in front of his house, and ask him straight up why he told the reporter about the Daejeon Tape Murder case being done by a serial murderer.


Ban Seazon Jung Supporting Cast. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Additional Episodes Added To U. Things are not looking good for the Monster.

Special Affairs Team TEN 2 episode 8 English Sub [1/5] – video dailymotion

South Korea Notes Related titles: Posted March 4, The person who taped Yeri is indeed F and yup a policemanand Ji Hoon, who is on ambush duty, saved her. In Gyo Jin Cameo. On top of that, his history shows that on most Fridays he was on leave or on field work. Yoo Hae Jung Supporting Cast. Please hide the spoiler to stop playback Cr: In fact, her mother just boasted that her daughter had a boyfriend. He beats her to death, and then covers face with clown makeup.

Jung Yoon Suk Supporting Cast.

The producers are indeed planning a season 2 and the fastest it can be released is during year end!! Choewoosik looks sleek become more mature and compelling, pitting a compelling screenplay seriously obsessed Kim Sang Ho look too noticeable. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. But they have another important case at hand — the next one is of his girlfriend, Hee Joo. When the alarm went off, and the guests evacuated, the killer must have slipped through and snuck out with 22 else as either a cop or a guest.

Still a long wait. I’m glad he took this role, cause otherwise I would have avoided all his dramas. Ryu Deok Hwan Cameo. Ten2 Episodes with Eng Sub.