As such I can’t really guarantee the same degree of accuracy for a lot of what they say. Takashi Nagayama Ichitaro Yamazaki. Link Seigaku vs Shitenhouji [ Click to open translation notes. Team Live Seigaku [67]. So as planned, I did my best to translate what I could, but marked parts with? There were a lot of anecdotes and claims from the actors that I don’t really know how to go about verifying, so if you happen to see anything blatantly wrong, please let me know! Pretty good view from the last row though, right?

We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. There’s one part of Tuti’s description of the 5th Gen’s Inui Juice that I couldn’t quite place, so it got left as question marks whenever it came up. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Most literally it would be something like, “He looks like a dog, which I hate. The words are as follows: Dream Live [64]. I went ahead and left the terms “Muga no Kyouchi”, “Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami”, and “Saiki Kampatsu no Kiwami” untranslated in the songs, since they’re basically move names that most people would be familiar with. I have no idea if Tagaki Shun really goes as “Shunri”, but that’s what he seemed to be saying, so I rolled with it?

The Best of Actor Series The Prince of Tennis 2nd Season: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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During the trick, a large trunk was rolled out and opened up to show that there was nothing in it. Archived from the original on Throughout the whole show, though, they were a lot of fun.


Archived from the original on 23 2031 It was my first time hearing the new Higa songs and I have to admit, that I quite enjoyed them. Pretty much directly across the stadium from this seat was where I sat for the first show, but I was in row 10 instead of Rikkai Kouen repooto, Good Come, vol. Remarkable 1st Match, Fudomine [14] [16]. All of the other Fujis sound quite manly compared to this one really.

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Well I know I’m going… Lie Like. The Prince of Tennis: Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. I laughed a lot reading your, hmm, review? Side Fudomine [14] [18]. I seem to remember one was because they were hosting, another was that an exception was made for a team that lost to the Kantou Champion.

I started flipping them originally since that’s the “more 2103 way to do it, but it was honestly kind of a pain since I always think of their names in the Japanese order. So maybe redownload them that’s the kind of thing you care about.

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Then the rest is also tricky because it a play on words that doesn’t really translate well. All the ones I saw, the guests did a duet with the current cast of their characters as well as a short talk time. In the part with Yanagisawa and Atsushi, the way Atsushi’s part of the corner plays out is a little different, so I changed the translation a bit. It sounds something like “kurai”, gloomy or depressing, but really feels like it should have more to do with how he doesn’t play along with the joke, so I went with the compromise of him being a “downer”, though that still feels a little off.


I didn’t translate Kaidou’s nickname, Mamushi, because of how Momoshiro uses it.

Dream Live [65]. He was already a good singer, but he seems to be quite comfortable singing at a higher pitch now. But if you see something weird, you can always ask! This article has multiple issues. He is also quite skilled at getting scary and freaking out Ryoma. fenimyu

The outfits were over the top and had all sorts of odd add-ons, including capes, but what was really fun during the song was the magic tricks.

For this release, and theoretically any that might follow for the 3rd Season, I’ve stopped inverting the characters names.

Retrieved 19 January Seigaku VS Hyotei [41]. The vision of Makoto Matsuda, the producer behind the “2.

April 11, 4A June 27, 5B. After songs usually I only did one or two of the Thank You’s since they’re pretty repetitive.

A more accurate meaning would be like Log in No account? Manga-based musicals were not frequently seen, if at all.