Writer Noh Hee Kyung is back! But this episode embarks another chapter of the drama and I’m getting so excited! I just don’t understand why Song HyeGyo’s name keeps popping up for no reason. Or else it would just be way too “squicky. I can feel it. So Myung-ho is having an affair?

Saskia March 1, at 3: I also have the feeling she knows he’s not her real brother, but either she isnt ready to admit it yet, either she wanna enjoy this fake sibling relationship a bit more: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Belle February 28, at 9: However, I also recognise that different people have different “rudeness thresholds” and so I apologised at the end if I did indeed offend her. April 02, , She’s so often acting from instinct that she’s such a time bomb. I think she does that whole “kill me” thing to constantly see what his reaction will be.

I think she does that whole “kill me” thing to constantly see what his reaction will be. I think she’s awesome! I call bullshit on that elisode device.

The sudden return of her mom and her mom working together with her dad’s physician to create lies after lies. SHK is at her best here! Wow, thank you guys for the gifs, videos, recaps, and news update! By firstnadya Started July 7, Abbie March 1, at Sign up for a thwt account in our community.

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Moon Hee Episodr She speaks banmal to everyone and only knows how to spend money away. I’d turn to traditional media for that but this is a drama blog. I love how we can be totally suspicious about where this drama is heading and then have everything turn on us the next episode.


Was so depressing and dragged on for so long. My irritation mainly because it’s like over hyping a person.

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dpisode I suspected it when she first appeared in an earlier episode where the fiance was meeting So ra at the company with SW.

Is she playing her own game or do we have another stupid and naive female lead that the writer give a smart moment every now in then to make it seem she’s not a waste of good air?

It’s a freakin joke! The Japanese version had a happy ending, however, I’m worried that there might really be another suicide attempt like in the Japanese version. Did you miss your activation email? And because i don’t understand why she keeps asking Soo in particular to kill her as her request.

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Dipmar Senior Sailor Keong: I hate-love that I feel like I am going to die from fear for Go Soo every freaking moment and episode. There should not be any “but” or any explanation after that. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I still love you Eub, but have the need to say this.

He was so coldnot sure if it was because he lost Hee Joo when he was 19 that he turned that way or was he always like this all his life? I’m writing with wary, of course, but I can’t guarantee I won’t displease you.

What an excellent actor. Or else you disappoint me, Show. Soo bursts through the doors of the coffee shop, and Hee-sun meets his gaze as she calls him human garbage. From your reply, I gathered that you do believe in free speech, as I do, and respect differing opinions, as I do as well. I think that’s the only way to watch this! This is not directed towards HeadsNo2 or anyone else here in particular. Sign in Already have an account? It’s all so messy and all tangled up in complex emotions.


Even though we already know that it’s technically not incest in actuality,there’s still this guilty feeling nagging us at the back of our heads telling us that it feels kinda wrong to actually root for the “siblings”.

He acts as though he’s the best and always land in hot soups. I can’t wait until he really gets to kiss her. I mean, she is not a goddess. Jackie February 28, at I also said this to myself quoting you while while watching the episode yesterday. Against his better judgment, he starts leaning forward, his face getting closer and closer to hers. I remember when the character descriptions first came out and Hee-sun was just supposed to be this dongsaeng-like friend and JS thhe this fiercely loyal sidekick, I thought phew!