Zi Yu tries her best to console Yat Kin but is shocked to hear such superstitious talk from the always confident doctor Yat Kin. She also accepts his confession and becomes his girlfriend. However, in my opinion, all the deaths that wrench our hearts in this drama were necessary. One bad thing after another for him, seriously Yat Kin chases after Zi Yu just to witness her in severe back pain. During the surgery they find out the tumor is malign, which means it is not possible to completely remove the tumor, they can only remove as much as possible. Quite satisfied reading reviews at your blog.

He is rushed to the hospital where Yat Kin and Mother join them. Main menu Skip to content. Needless to say, everyone is devastated. Although i had watch the ending but i am really really impressed how accurate yours was to the real ending! During their date, Yat Kin dropped his lucky medal given to him by Yat Hong. From the medical , to the romance, to the family plots is just so much awesomeness. I hope Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung get the recognition they deserve at the end of the year. He confronts her about the tumor and she is shocked by his knowledge.

I feel ya, I feel ya.

He decides to drive again for her. All the once-housemen are now competent doctors and looking over new housemen.

The Hippocratic Crush – Episode 25 (Cantonese)

He takes out his ring and officially proposes to her. On the walk back, Yat Hong witnesses a bottom flying down and ready to hit a old man in a wheel chair, he jumps in to push the man out of the way.

He quickly rush her to the hospital. He recognizes Yat Kin from the hospital. After dinner Yat Kin and Zi Yu stop by the river side. Zi Yu is back to work at the hospital as a doctor her primary wish, to continue her profession. Yat Kin and Mom take it especially harsh, Mom even faints from the news.

After a trip to the convenience store, Jing and Yat Hong takes a romantic walk back to the restaurant. One bad thing after another for him, seriously. Yat Kin surprises everyone when he returns to work the very next day as if nothing has happened.


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He confronts her about the tumor and she is shocked by his knowledge. The thing with the families in here is that they are are so believable as a family.

Yat Kin gifts her flowers and a puppy one of her wishes if she recovers is to adopt a pet to encourage her to not give up. Yat Kin and Mom tearfully say good-bye to Yat Hong one last time before deciding hippocratoc unplug him from the machines. I used to watch Korean dramas, but they are extremely contrived and drag on one conflict for 3 episodes.

He finally agrees to take a vacation. Why is she so carefree? He sits at the episore court brooding over his brother and past memories with him, which is where Zi Yu finds him. They may pull a Healing Hands on us oh yea, remember that? The chemistry hippocratci interaction are so natural, no facilitated bonds shoved down our throats, which is sometimes the case with TVB dramas.

But The Hippocratic Crush is superior in that it has episods heart not to mention more compelling romance!

After much prodding, lecturing and yelling form Bing Chan she mans up to her mistake and goes back to the hospital to face it. They were for our beloved characters to grow and for them and us to understand death as part of the cycle of life. Zi Yu thinks he is acting rash and turns him down firmly. Zi Yu secretly goes looking for it, she finds it but her sickness acts up.

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At home Yat Kin does nothing everyday and night. Until next time, The Hippocratic Crush.

Yat Kin wakes up the next morning and berate Zi Yu for not minding her own business. Or so he thinks. They agree to give each other a chance when she comes back and is ready.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She calls Yat Kin out at night for a ride, she drives Yat Kin around in order to lull him to sleep. Through this all Onion and Jing Jing also develop feelings for each other. He wants to stop wasting time, be with her and see her everyday. This is a highlights post rather than a real recap. TVB storylines have really improved although their randomly cutting scenes and audio could use some improvement.

So without further ado…. He confesses that he choose not fall asleep. It was a long time coming, but better late than never! On a relative note, the show bowed out at a series high with an average of 37 points and peaking at 39 points. I agree the ending was really good and that it has some feeling of unknown to it. I love the juxaposition of this shot, Yat Hong is at the end of his journey but on the other end, some one is being saved by his heart literally and his act of kindness.

They allow eight people another chance at life. He is rushed to the hospital where Yat Kin and Mother join them. Zi Yu is all smiles and jokes as she chit-chats away at the dinner but Yat Kin keeps looking over with concern. Mei Suet finds out about this and confront Yat Kin about his attitude towards her sister.

The only thing keeping him alive are the hospital devices. Yat Kin finds her and is touched by her gesture. Yat Hong wins a fencing competition with the encouragement of Jing Jing. The next day, they go on a date where Yat Kin comes to pick Zi Yu up…in a car.