We see her slip out of her shoes as well. OMG yes I read it too somewhere.. Just so you know: Remember, men have bigger egos. And Jae Ha will grovel at her feet! It starts a long time a go in Korea, when Korea had a king and a crown prince and crown princess. Would LOVE to see what the polls say about him now.

This pregnancy humdinger feels so manufactured. He told Hang Ah this marriage would be very difficult given all the political implications. Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama. They are so cute together, and sniffles I miss Jae Kang and the bromance. For ep 2 no subs yet go to DramaCrazy. Bitter Blood Japanese Drama. But i will have to wait until May to get it… , and then I watched Rooftop Prince ep 2 with subs:

Jae Ha never got a chance to say it to her before his temper flared because of the trash accusation.

Remember, men have bigger egos. Which character are they imitating? Thank you for the recap! Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Japanese Drama. If not, why bother? Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama. Apr 24, at 4: Ohh, and the groveling….

Dear Koala, thank you so much for the great recap! Hamlet failed heatts grow up until the end, and payed with his life. I have Chinese srt files for ep. Email Address never made public. How does Jae Ha gets himself out o this one, and how does he fix it?


Jae Ha works on better himself and gets Hang Ah to forgive him. I think she went episodr far eoisode calling him trash although I can understand why and he went too far in sending her back just because of it. Indirectly, he is showing her love. Jae Ha places a call to Shi Kyung and tells him to go to the front of the Palace. Obviously repeated ones are not good….

What I love about this drama is its very nonconventional but truthful way of characterization.

Shi Kyung believes in Jae Ha, and tells him not to be shaken by what others say or be too sensitive to what he hears. Will need some ice cream. Bong Goo meets with Jae Ha and starts with pleasantries. Moon Embracing the Sun Korean Drama. I am almost too tired to type. So her reaction now at falling for Jae Ha but believing this relationship has failed does ring true.

Deep love that he could not deny himself of, knowing the full well the complications and obstacles that he would have to face, especially now that he is King.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Jae Ha wonders what to do about Club M. He is in the military but he does not like that at all… I must say he is a bit of a chicken, who flees rather then fights. Apr 13, at 6: I am Your Teacher Korean Drama. Apr 1, at 8: Saigo no Yakusoku Japanese Special. About a week after the questions are published I will publish the correct answers.


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This drama will give me a whiplash and then some. Writer xi, I would curse you if you go that path! And I used to feel nothing much for Shi Kyung.

Jae Kang has faith that their team can still score in the five minutes remaining. Thank you for the recap Ms. The big sister is not a very nice person. After he watched haerts public interrogation, he regreted alright but its true that the only thing he could do then was to solve his brother case.

Leave ma boi alone!! His mother tells him that he cannot give up like this. Jae Ha walks through a portrait gallery with the Prime Minister and other officials. Ninkyo Helper Japanese Drama. The evil plot gets better from the closeness to the king, I can watch it now in the first 9 eps I kept ff those scenes, did I tne anything?