Alex, Vivi, and Ella are vibrant and intelligent protagonists. Now, is there anything remotely missing in her life? The stories are free, and you can filter by category—paranormal, suspense, etc. Now if I were to rate this book solely on enjoyability factor I would give the book four stars, but I have a major complaint that keeps me from doing that and it’s the “mystery” in the story. First of all, let me state two things. This aspect really helped bring the book to life. Jane Austen wanna be–there’s even one of those long awful afterwards where she gushes about sitting in really!

Wasn’t even surprised when one of them really was a good guy. But when an author depicts characters of different ethnicities, an “it’s a fantasy history for everyone to escape to” excuse might hold up. Her father is a duke, which means his eldest son gets a courtesy title always the next lesser title , in this case the eldest son gets the title of Marquis. The other issue came when we were introduced to her brothers. This book was a very pleasant read. Self- or independent-publishing is a big deal in romance, and a lot of fantastic books hit the market that way. My most absolute favorite aspect of the novel was the relationship between Gavin and Alex and how their life long friendship grew into something else.

Also, I just cannot handle seeing the Bard’s name used in vain or misused, rather! Come dancing with us! The romance is super, super boring and the “mystery” is utterly predictable and, uh, not at all mysterious. A quick swrah at the catalogue includes titles by Alyssa Cole, Colleen Hoover, and Beverly Jenkins, so there are obviously some excellent books there.

One, I am a lover of great historical romances. With the fact that the characters sound nothing like they belong in the early s? And Sarah MacLean should stick to reading them and macpean trying to write one.


The Season

Her friends, Ella and Vivi, despite not being main characters, were developed as if they were. If you get your rocks off by reading period pieces and bodice rippers, then I think this book won’t do you any harm.

Jun macleean, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sarah MacLean wrote a beautiful debut novel that was hard to put down. I was totally mclean board with this book from the description. All in all, amazingly written novel! I love the balance in the book between the trio of girls and Alex’s three brothers and their family friend Gavin. Last I was aware you were neither my husband nor my father nor my King. Is this the Regency Macleqn where lower-class children aren’t working in mines or being forced into hard labor or executed and can’t escape the draft for the Napoleonic Wars like the rich people can?

Everybody should have suc I’m only 70 pages in, but it feels like a 5 star book already. Gavin is a broody young lord who spends a remarkable amount of time NOT brooding.

The Three Musketeers literally read nothing else.

The Season by Sarah MacLean – FictionDB

Alex doesn’t want to get married, she’s really smart, her parents are wealthy, blah, blah, blah. Give me more insight into the events leading up to the Alex and Rhe relationship.

Can’t take this anymore, I’m done! I wasn’t sure exactly how the mystery would fit into the rest of the satah when I started reading and I think it worked in perfectly.

The Season by Sarah MacLean

I became maclwan fan of Regency romance quite a long time ago, and frankly, I’ve gotten sick of the genre. Her friends are delightful and breathtakingly lovely.

Yes, it struck me as wrong that a book should ignore the grievous structural inequalities of the period. Alex’s mindset might be 2sharfd as “I’m not like other girls” syndrome, and I hadn’t read enough to know that how the author depicts tense class relations might reasonably be called “erasure.


They fight a little, and just like that, bam!

It seazon a little trickier to navigate this library as a non-subscriber, but I did spot Julia Quinn, Rina Grey, and Emma Chase, so certainly another option worth checking out. Well, duh – they were the only two outside characters! No matter your status as a romance reader, you can help yourself and your bank account by learning to navigate the many ways to find free and cheap romance online and off.

Apr 14, Lucy mmaclean it did not like it Shelves: I seasoh think it’s worth noting that thanks to recent feminist movements, some of the issues I address have more widely-known terminology that I didn’t utilize then: Not only were the main characters amazing, but this book had one of the best developments of the side characters ever.

He suspects some foul play, and Alex will tangle herself up in this mystery of course. View all 3 comments.

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It’s got me giddy with excitement! Gavin was like family — even like a brother to I love all kinds of romance, but as subgenres go — historical is my least favorite. But in the process, despite her opposition to marriage, Alex finds herself losing her heart and falling for Gavin, but she is unsure what his feelings for her are.