The movie is well- paced, well edited and doesn’t drag. I was persistent enough to get tickets to the special Village Cinemas Screening of this great film in Australia. It’s just my opinion though. Just as one element of the film may be set to take hold of you and keep you glued to the screen, it disappears, only to be taken over by some awkward loving glances, a beat down with a Christian cross or a chase through a crowded Turkey set street. Especially the performance of the local comedy star Cem Yilmaz was impressive and some hilarious moments he offered stood as a fine contrast to the general melancholia of the scenes. It offers a beautiful yet heart-wrenching journey to all those that love the art of cinema. And i can imagine Australian and NZ viewers especially mothers cry for Eliza’s Connor’s wife situation. The naval attack was repelled and after eight months’ fighting, with many casualties on both sides, the land campaign was abandoned and the invasion force was withdrawn to Egypt.

It offers a beautiful yet heart-wrenching journey to all those that love the art of cinema. It is a very well directed heartwarming anti-war drama. If this is Russell Crowe’s first film I can’t wait to see what is to come. It might improve on a second viewing. Long pointless shots from start to finish of the movie that are sooo boring and just make you roll you’re eyes out. From there, it treads through compassionate subjects of ambitious scale, stumbling upon its own entanglements at times, but gets saved by towering affectionate performances from its actors. Nevertheless I don’t want to blame Russell Crowe much because it is his debut. I hope it is a hit, but I will be content for those people who see it, to enjoy it and take it for what it is, an entertainment.

Russell Crowe was very smart as both Director and Actor in this film. In an attempt to keep my review as short as possible, and choosing to comment on acting after I see the movie more than once, I won’t go into detail of each and every name.

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He transformed the former Ottoman Empire into a democratic, modern, secular nation-statehis reforms are referred as Kemalism. An error has occured. Many of the cast should be nominated for Awards in each of the relative roles. I think Olga is wonderful and all that actors are wonderful although Dan Wylie appears miscast.

The choice of actors was spot on and I could not find fault with any of their acting, from the young boy to the love interest.

A war film and anti-war film in the same breath. I rate this highly in the movies I have seen These comments have emanated mainly from Americans who haven’t even see the film. For the others, it is a very very good war drama you’ve watched in years. The movie depicts them as what they really are. I decided to watch this movie because i like Russel and i trust a lot IMDb ratings, but the 7. Not to say that it was not sufficient, because it most certainly was, but if he just took that extra step he may very well have created a flawless flick – or maybe I’m just nitpicking!


From this it’s suffice to say that Crowe was obviously onto something in setting his story in the oft spoken about and patriotic battle of Gallipoli and the aftermath it would have on the Australian populace. Apart from the story, the characters too felt so “real”, and the cast performances were nothing short of what one would expect from such brilliant names. The Hobbit was also terrific, but no one clapped at the end. For a man who has worked with some of the most accomplished and respected directors in the industry, from Ridley Scott, Ron Howard, Peter Weir and Michael Mann just to name a few, you’d expect Australia’s although it should really be New Zealand’s very own Russell Crowe to have learnt a trick or two in the art of directing but sadly his debut The Water Diviner suffers from some uninspired and at times amateurish direction that halts any of its power it may have otherwise possessed.

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Svengali 28 December I once read that the Aussie population today would be more like 55 million people instead of 22 million if we hadn’t entered this foreign war at the behest of the British, although the great immigration schemes of the 50s, populate or perish would have probably changed and maybe not to the good, given the many cultures new Australians continually bring to our shores.

The Greek troops were merely tongs of the British army who were too wise to handle the fire themselves. The story is wonderful and who ever wrote the script is to be commended.

Very loosely based on what might have been a true story a war record that mentioned that ‘only one father came looking for his sons’ at Gallipoli after the war. The two Turkish leads are brillian and bring a lot to the film as a whole. Illogical, the only thing missing from the way Russel manages to find his kids, was his dead wife appearing as a ghost and pointing the grave siteat least we would have had some supernatural elements in the movie and that would have been an explanation.

Was this review helpful? This was one journey to remember!

This element combined with some powerful Hollywood emotional scenes make for a very enjoyable and extraordinary viewing experience. This movie has the potential to be nominated for awards and any it wins would be well deserving.

I’m from Rio, as far away as it can get from either country – not only in terms of geography, but also, and most importantly, in culture. In saying this though the film which is inspired by real subtiltes, fails to emotionally engage or resonate on anything more than a lower level, a judgement that can be based around Crowe’s uninvolving directional style thhe a film style that suffers badly from countless and often unwarranted tonal shifts.

The Turkish army is manifested to be a group of very respectable people merely defending their home land and for this I praise Crowe the most – there was no bad guy, there was no evil, there was just useless and pointless killings and this epiphany is unfortunately recognised only englidh the war was over.


Overall I really liked this film and look forward to see eglish films by Russell Crowe.

Man against the creation. Flawless casting and great character development leads the viewer through the story; this film will bring out emotions and provoke thought. Speaking of the scenes that certainly leave a mark on the viewer, I’d like to say that certain scenes from the battle field were spectacular dlviner both technically and artistically. Ankara became the new capital and Kemal abolished the Caliphate and Sultanate.

At the very beginning, the movie already touched my heart by the war scene with a child soldier. The love interest between the farmer and the girl was tender and Russell’s treatment of this was brilliant, whereby even a look between a man and a woman conveys all that is needed. Very few negatives I can think of are the editing of the film, portrayal of Greeks and also ironically Turks.

I gave it a 9 because of some minor divine. These solid eglish performances summon the affection they truly deserve, and make the film, amid of its script’s evident flaws, able to relay its sincere intentions, to the subtitlws.

Russell Crowe, as always, seemed to “live” the role, not “just act” it. This is a film that seems to have been devised as an ill-conceived history lesson for Australian viewers.

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As a scholar of History, I’d say it treats a noble Turkish nation victim of absolutely unprovoked aggression from all sides during World War I with long-overdue justice after a years, while retaining the dignity of ANZAC soldiers who fought with great bravery and loyalty for a dubious British cause. Water Diviner contained a gripping story, brilliant cues and amazing scenes as well as a fresh approach to the events of WWI, all of which will stay embroidered in my memory for the rest of my days.

His relationship with Russell seems very real. The Water Diviner Turkish title: Intending to secure it, Russia’s allies, Britain and France, launched a naval attack followed by an amphibious landing on the peninsula, with the aim of capturing the Ottoman capital of Constantinople modern Istanbul.

The Water Diviner At a hotel he meets a beautiful widow Olga Kurylenko who learned Turkish for her characterand later on he tries to find out a way in arrive to Gallipoliwhere reportedly died his children. The trailer leaves you thinking it’ll be a good movie, but not until you experience the raw truth of Gallipoli and the amazing story of a father finding his sons lost at war can you know that Russel Crowe has directed a masterpiece.

The story balance is a bit to Turkish side as if it tries to give the message to ANZACs “why are you here even if you don’t know where Turkey is on the map”.