Her disdain of Yuki grew further after a misunderstanding where she thought Yuki had sabotaged her in the exam. During the incident with the Gemini Zodiarts, whom he had a personal interest in due to Yuki having heard the Presenter like he had, Gamou begins to suspect Kengo to possess the Core Switch. She agrees to help Gentaro reach Sugiura to stop the madness in school. He is very obviously devastated in Ms. Though none came, Gentaro arrived to save JK despite his betrayal. He also rarely intervenes with the businesses of his Zodiarts recruits by fighting Kamen Rider Fourze.

However, his constellation is Pisces Austrinus. To enact his revenge, he acquires the means to become the Orion Zodiarts to attack Shun for ruining his football chances. These traits make her the team’s de facto leader, as she is constantly seen mobilizing the team and help directing strategies and actions alongside Kengo. She is killed by Kannagi after his agenda to take over the world is exposed. Humbled, and with Gentaro’s help, Miu is reminded of her passion and returns to competing in the Festival despite the odds against her. He is also physically imposing, being both strong and fast in executing short range attacks.

Upon gathering the items needed for his master plan, Kannagi betrays Foundation X to carry out his scheme to rule the world.

He abuses this ability and developed a god complex to the point of totally disregarding the Horoscopes’ interest in general and not meeting with Gamou. Satake’s detention class for attacking one of his teammates who insulted his leadership abilities. Though she succeeds in that retrospect, taking everything Yuki has for her own, Dark Yuki loses her dominance over Yuki thanks to Gentaro giving the girl a very strong memory to reverse the process.

“Kamen Rider Fourze” Shin YĆ» Betsu Ri (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

The position fits her well as she is a born leader and capable of being level-headed under crisis, even more so than Kengo himself, shown where she is capable of keeping cool and speak confidently even when onzama Zodiarts is terrorizing the place around her, and when she stops Yuki from revealing details about their club to save Kengo when he got trapped on the moon, never forgetting that their primary role is to stop the Zodiarts.

Her disdain of Yuki grew further after a misunderstanding where she thought Yuki had sabotaged her in noxama exam. While on a mission, Ryusei learns of Gamou’s former associate Banba and returns to Japan to enlist Gentaro’s help. Tomoko especially is avoiding him, which only deepens his characteristic angst.

Though she assures him that she will resume her duties in a matter of weeks, Sayaka is horrified to find Sugiura sucked into the Dark Nebula.


“Kamen Rider Fourze” Sei Shun Hen Shin (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Sonoda while casting an illusion over her to protect her identity from Kamen Rider Fourze. As a result, instead of melding into her Zodiarts body, the Gemini Switch causes the darkest aspects of her personality to be given a physical form that is identical to Yuki, but with a white mask that has blank expression on her face.

An anagram of her name “Erin Suda” is ” Eridanus “, a river in Greek mythology that is sometimes associated with the myth of Aquarius the Water Bearer. Movie War Ultimatumbringing Nadeshiko back to Earth. In episode 11, the locker that connects the Rabbit Hatch is removed from the abandoned club room, leaving Kengo stranded on the Moon, and it is later seemingly destroyed by the Pyxis Zodiarts.

She becomes uncomfortable with occults, something unusual for a goth, after her experience with the Luna Witches. The joy is short-lived however, as Jiro is still critically injured despite being awakened and relapses, due to losing the will to live after Ryusei tells him the lengths he went to save him.

During his first year in AGHS, JK learned of Gentaro’s identity as Kamen Rider Fourze, agreeing to keep his mouth shut csst it prior to talking Gentaro into protecting him from Fumihiro Nittaa student he wronged by tricking him into being his bodyguard. He became afraid of himself and thus decided to shut himself in.

She feigns her friendship with Miu, as she tonoko resents losing to her every year in the Queen Festival, and uses the opportunity given to her by the Scorpion Zodiarts to enact her revenge csst the Chameleon Zodiarts.

Tomoko is never letting this one go. After executing Emoto for his betrayal, Tatsugami takes over the role of obtaining the final two Horoscopes Switches.

After graduation, Shun finds out that both his and Miu’s college is near AGHS, allowing both of them to continue their duties in the Kamen Rider Club, thus graduating only from high school and not the club.

Though a member of the Horoscopes, her Pisces Switch starts out colored blue to signify its immaturity. Ohsugi still intends to disband the club as it has failed in following the rules of being approved by a faculty member, eventually escaping the Rabbit Hatch with a confiscated Net Switch to hand over to Principal Hayami.

Sonoda is among the most loyal to his cause and serves as his right hand. While all twelve Horoscopes Switches have been created and in his hands, Gamou is unable to enact the Day of Awakening due to Kengo’s interference.


Hayami later conceals his actions by claiming that Kijima had died in battle, unaware czst Kijima is actually in suspended animation within the M-BUS, as he gives Gamou the Cancer Switch before it is entrusted to Tatsugami.

The portal connecting to the Rabbit Hatch lunar base, which is all that remains of the OSTO complex on the moon, is opened in a locker in an abandoned club activity room when Kengo just so happens to throw the activated Switch inside. Pisces in the series was a proficient hand-to-hand combatant.

When the Aries Zodiarts finally makes its appearance, Ryusei betrays both Tachibana and the Kamen Rider Club in order to fulfill his wish to save Jiro. In hozama end, having had constant battles tonoko Ryusei since their first meeting, Tatsugami is defeated by Kamen Rider Meteor Storm and his body dissolves away into stardust.

She indirectly help to bring an end to all the madness happening in the school by telling Gentaro all she knows about Sugiura and Sayaka.

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He receives the Meteor System equipment from Tachibana and the mission to find the Aries Zodiarts yomoko after Jiro’s hospitalization. As a young musician, Keizo is portrayed by Ryo of defspiral. A year later inthe Youth League encounter Sougo Tokiwa and his friends. He is a stereotypical jock whose life has been planned out by his father, raised to believe that those under him are trash and how to play them to suit his needs.

In tomkoo series epilogue, with Hayami gone, Mr. Tomoko also has an acute sixth sense in sensing things others cannot, along with moving around undetected and cats people chills whenever she is around. She is revealed to have knowledge of the urban legends of other Kamen Riders, playing an indirect role in the creation of the Kamen Rider Club.

She eventually won the competition and gives her plaque to Kengo as a gift. Eventually she opts to stay at AGHS, forming a kickboxing club and, to Gentaro’s chagrin, insists that he take some lessons from her, as his form is rather sloppy and inefficient.

Since then, Yuki became what she refers to as cats “space otaku “, called a ” geek ” by everyone else, with her dream motivating her reasons for attending Amanogawa High and occasionally going to the JAXA building after school.