Modeling, we believe, does help in building confidence but it only played a minimal part in the overall format. Get updates of Veet Miss super model Season 3 only on: The show then moved from pure fashion function to a more exciting and rhythmic side when Goher Mumtaz took the stage and sang two of his famous tracks. Samsung launches Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at a glittering ceremony. Next year, I hope to see a more mixed crowd at our auditions. More than anything else, we have advocated the importance of confidence in a woman which allows her to avail the same opportunities that are available to men. Event — a culmination event of the ongoing Facebook competition “Veet Making of a Diva” The Engagement — over a span of one month, 16 girls were Finale judge vmsm – RizwanBeyg.

It did make the show confusing, at times. It was an ambitious cause to take up, especially considering the dearth of models in the burgeoning fashion industry. Jan 13, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Photo shoot was done by amazing Asad Tareen and the Guest judge and mentor was the beauty goddess, Iman Ali. To all the questions they received smart and fitting answers.

By continuing its tradition, Veet commenced its 5th season last month. All Awards Ceremonies Celebrities Magazines. ZhalaySarhadi at vmsm redcarpet. Episode 1 was all about the auditions and selection of the Lucky 10 girls.

Miss Veet aims to support ambitious young women and almost succeeds – Comment – Images

Nabila has redefined fashion style and Imagery in Pakistan. Fortunately, the brand realised this and chose to re-route towards slightly more cerebral ambitions.

February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our legislators, one would imagine several of them being Each challenge is followed by elimination and each episode has a new theme, style and approach to offer. Veet is giving these models a platform which will change their lives and most importantly giving them a evet to make a career. Should the project work out, the brand will also be inadvertently creating better content for their next tryst on TV: Updated February 24, Dam fund disappointment The entire episode serves as a warning for esason of institutions to avoid overstepping their domain.


Infact, her own acting career is a big struggle. DJ Shah Munir brings back weekend flavour. TVOne launches new drama serial Imam Zamin. The step that Veet has taken by extending a platform of Veet Miss Supermodel contest to young girls who want to pursue a career in the field of modeling is not only commendable, but it is also indispensable to flourish the overall fashion industry.

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Veet Miss Super Model season 3 will be much bigger and of course much more beautiful! For example, what does Aisha Khan does not know much about modelling.

Photo shoot was done by amazing Asad Tareen and the Guest seasno and mentor was the beauty goddess, Iman Ali.

When will Pakistan get its billion-dollar tech company? Jan 13, After consultation judges unanimously decided to crown Jezmine Kiyani from Mahvish Hyat’s team with the tag of Veet Miss Supermodel Veet 10 Year Celebration Morango Tube 7 years ago. Next year, I hope to see a more mixed crowd at our auditions. KomalRizvi at vmsm redcarpet. First of all, the clan of Cybil Chaudhry was introduced, then Mehwish Hayat’s, and in the end, Faiza Ansari walked with her girls.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Watch Pepsi Battle of the Bands Episode 3. This year Veet will be showcasing 8 theme based episodes, and each episode will focus on grooming the models in various aspects of modeling based on Beauty, confidence, personality development etc. There are scores of talent agencies that are operating to pick up raw talent, groom them, and launch their career. The third judge, Frieha Altaf, is the woman who started it all with Cats modeling agency.


FATF chief criticised for failing to take action against Modi. Earlier when the show commenced, celebrated fashion models Aamna Ilyas, Cybil Chaudhry, Sabeena Pasha and TV personality Waqar Ali Khan could be seen tutoring the contestants in the episodes recorded and later aired on television.

AliXeeshan at vmsm finale. But poor selection of judges. This beauty show will consist of eight episodes where the aspiring models will battle it out to win Veet Miss Super Model, season 3. Veet has been rendering an incredible platform to these young, passionate girls and hopefully it continues this custom and gets better and bigger with each passing year. Maliha Rehman Senior Fashion Writer.

Published in Dawn, October 25th, Meera was born in Gulberg, Lahore. Veet as a brand itself is controversial. Veet Miss super model episode 3 veetcelebration 7 years ago. Fund donations never intended for building of dam, only for awareness: Fast-forwarding to present times, it is no longer enough to put together fashion and models and expect the audience to be enthralled.

While introducing some prominent names in modeling today — Sadaf Kanwal, Saima Azhar, Sana Sarfaraz and Seaxon Habib come to mind — the show adopted a cookie-cutter tendency to deliver a profusion of girls who barely made an impression. Somewhere along the way, though, the show floundered, plummeting towards the downright shoddy.