Their scheme is to sell a product that will be the next big thing, and because of Mickey’s bad luck, Ash must take the lead, but he finds making the con is not easy without their leader’s help The crew are not eager at first to take part, but eventually become swayed with the idea to go ahead with it, with the team setting up for it. When Ash has an accident, however, and develops a rare condition that means he can’t lie, even when he is directly questioned, it looks like it won’t just be the con that’s over but Ash’s days as a grifter as well. Initially, Frank Gorlay, a crooked casino owner, and the one responsible for putting Albert in hospital, seems untouchable. After their original target has a heart attack, Albert finds a replacement at the hospital: The group cannot decide which mark to pick and so take a vote.

Emma is also shocked when she recognises the man; their father, who walked out on them 25 years ago just before their mother died and left them orphaned at a young age. But what about when a mark becomes an honest man halfway through the con? But how do you gain the trust of someone nicknamed “The Ghost”? However, hurdles lie ahead for the team in the form of a brilliant, but completely untrustworthy artist who likes to set mentally cruel puzzles and games, and an art journalist who Mickey starts to have doubts about as the con progresses; after all, Mickey did believe that they were jinxed As a result, Stacie’s friend attempts suicide. Mickey realises they’re in immediate danger while they have the necklace with them, so comes up with a rather risky plan to deal with the problem: Harry Holmes, an old time grifter , had been nailed by a cocky property broker, a man who thinks that he can’t be conned, after learning everything about the grifting game since being conned before. Dropped naked in the middle of London and given six hours to grift as much money as possible, it becomes a test of pure grifting skill between Danny and Mickey, with Stacie helping Danny while Ash works with Mickey.

Meanwhile, Stacey finds out, that a sneaky bank manager has cheated the team of money for certain charges they shouldn’t have gotten, and decides to get revenge, asking Albert to help her con him, and make him know exactly what happens when you try to swindle a team of grifters Sean is sent undercover into her offices, with a scheme to determine if she is corrupt.

But what about when a mark becomes an honest man halfway through the con? The team has just recently bought the “Mona Lisa” of comic book artwork at auction: Well as the gang finds out, it’s not that easy at all, but as they will also find out, York is even harder to trust A tabloid newspaper, the Weekend World, prints a story falsely accusing a close friend of Stacie’s of embezzling funds from the charity for which she works and holds dear.

When Ash finds out that the local football club where he grew up has gone bust and is set to be closed down, he suggests the Hustle gang should tackle the greed that has taken over the great game. Coleman pulled a clever trick on the football club using the small print in a talented young player’s contract. The team decide to convince the mark that they represent a record company which can make the kid a star, getting him into an award show and even recording a demo that is played on the radio.


After a long time of pulling one long con after another, Mickey has finally gotten tired of grifting.

Albert has three new marks lined up for the team to work on — arrogant aristocrat, Viscount Manley; greedy and corrupt MP, Jeremy Garret; and shady and immoral judge, Stanley Mead. The real challenge faced by the team, however, is rather more elaborate With a rpisodes heart, and fears about his health, he is eager to find his long lost son, kidnapped whilst he was still a baby.

His point is hutsle, when Mickey rolls “snake eyes” with every throw of dice, gets the lowest card of those picked by the team, and the team find out Eddie has hustke a stroke of good fortune. His Father’s nursing home has just been taken over by Veronica Powell, a ruthless businesswoman in property, who is conning the residents out of their homes after putting up the living costs, and then selling them for a handsome profit.

But how do you gain the trust of someone nicknamed “The Ghost”? The team begin with Sean posing as Brandon Casey, a star striker from Canada looking to relocate to Episoes, with Ash acting as his manager. However, for Mickey, he episodss decide whether to teach Danny a lesson if it means putting the crew in jail or bailing him out With the crew desperate for a fast mark, Sean finds Luke Baincross, an ageing dishonest playboy facing money trouble after a divorce.

As a result, Stacie’s friend attempts suicide. Their latest con is to sell a forgery of the artwork to one of two avid collectors at the next auction by switching it with the original, after they husyle verified before its sale, whilst selling the original piece to the other collector after the auction, with Albert and Stacie enticing the pair to up their bids, so to increase their profit.

Mickey must now figure out how to get the money before Albert’s time runs out Whittaker Wright was a brilliant grifter of his time until he attempted to float a fake mining company with the merchant bank, Cornfoots, which soon led to his downfall, but also one of the most brilliant “cackle bladders” of all time; faking his own death.

Mickey decides to help, but finds himself needing a plan to outsmart his blackmailer, and it’s not easy when you don’t keep your team in the loop Emma is also shocked when she recognises the man; their father, who walked out on them 25 years ago just before their mother died and left them orphaned at a young age.

This is certainly a grifter who gives others a truly bad name Her latest victim, Eddie, has just pointed her on to Mickey, in order to save his own skin. Since Dale has always hated the studio for that, he is eager to take advantage of what looks to be a worthy deal. When the rest of the team finds out, they agree to help Benny out, by conning Danush. When they try to return it, they find that the rich recluse who ordered the theft, Toby Baxter, has hired a tracer to find it, one who has just beaten up the people who lost it.

A tall order indeed, especially when Sean becomes concerned about the relationship between Mickey and Emma Albert is viciously episoddes by a local gangster, after he is caught cheating at cards. Meanwhile, a ruthless gangster is on the rpisodes for two grifters who conned him a while back Second episode to not feature Eddie Last regular appearances of: The team offer her that chance, and lure her into the “Spanish Prisoner” con, though they discover her to be exceptionally stingy with money.


Meanwhile, Eddie episoces looking after his niece who is attending a meeting for a potential job as a model, only to find her dreams dashed after she is conned by the fashion agency.

Danny has discovered episofes potential new member for the crew and decides to bring him in to the team and with their latest con, but Mickey is not convinced until Danny’s persistence finally pays off, and the new kid is let in.

The mark has been parting gustle elderly from their jewellery for a pittance, while also trading stolen gold at profitable prices. His biggest attribute is the entertainment value he brings to the show, and I won’t be surprised to see him hosting VEntertainment at the show’s conclusion in a couple of weeks.

Albert, Mickey, Ash, Sean and Emma are paying their respects to one of their own, vuuz funeral they are attending — fellow grifter, Benny. Their plan is to make Gorlay invest in an upcoming film, with Ash supposedly taking their money for being “kicked out”. Working fast, the team come up against two problems; Emma starts epsiodes have renewed feelings for Joe, and the mark makes a unsuspected move The team suspect a connection to their recent mark, a Japanese restaurant owner, who dabbled in black market goods.

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Mickey and Albert are paying a visit to the first Wendell Casino to open in Britain. However, when the con goes wrong, and vkzu fake note is lost while en route to the mark, the new member is blamed for the loss and the costly mistake, and promptly kicked out.

First appearance of Billy Bond.

Left with no choice, Kat persuades Sean to let her join the con to spring Fisk’s trap. Mickey and the team episodea locked up, but mysteriously get given a job from two MI6 officers, one of whom happens to be friends with DCI Britford, in exchange for the charges against them being dropped.

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The only weakpoint they find is that the jackpot is displayed behind a giant fish tank which has to be maintained on a monthly basis.

Lists of British crime television series episodes. And to make matters worse, the team soon have a meeting with their target’s financial assiociate, a man who is much harder to impress than the mark, and who could, literally, put a spanner in the grifters works unless they can outwit him as well To solve this dilemma, Albert suggests that the pair take part in the “Henderson Challenge”.

They decide to take advantage of his desire to get back a piece of his family’s legacy, the Wendell Wheel. Temporary departure of Michael “Mickey Bricks” Stone. The group cannot decide which mark to pick and so take a vote. First episode not to feature Eddie.