Germany portal Saudi Arabia portal Film portal s portal. Meanwhile, however, it seems to have more than recovered: Following the death of the Saudi dissident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi, there are fears that the masterminds of the murder could go unpunished. But the people were very happy and friendly and open-minded towards us. San Francisco Film Critics Circle [29]. The brush becomes too hot and she quickly dries. The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali.

When shooting in conservative areas, al-Mansour had to stay inside the production van and communicate with her film team by walkie-talkie. The film is set in Riyadh, and yet you don’t see much of the city in the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Later, Wadjda finds out that her father has taken a second wife, and watches the wedding ceremony from her roof with her mother. Monitors concerned as Nigeria awaits vote result. Yet with imagination and diplomacy the withdrawal could also be an important step on

At the same time, it was also made for a Saudi audience. To restrict them is also to repress them; and this ultimately leads them to accept subordination ddutsch a way of life. Rayan Sukkar 24 lives in Lebanon’s Shatila refugee camp.

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Whatever the answer, Wadjda’s mother is stuck at home the next day. It successfully earned a nomination for Best.


Returning IS fighters Expatriation hardly an option. Film critics cite the ways Wadjda is able to grapple with important societal issues, while also accurately understanding the limits of large scale change.

After Abdullah threatens to have his “uncle with the mustache” kick the man out of the country, the driver agrees. Wajda becomes very nervous. No girl at her deustch is permitted to step out of wadjxa or be different. Goteborg International Film Festival.

All at once, the innocent children break through the wall separating them from the world of the grown-ups.

Das M├Ądchen Wadjda (German with arab subtitles)

Then there is Iqbal, Wadjda’s mother’s driver. One day, enraged by Iqbal’s cheeky remarks and the fact that he is never on time, she shouts at him: Despite receiving support from the royal family, filming was very difficult for the German-Saudi film team. Wadjda has set her heart on owning that bicycle.

Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage. Monitors concerned as Nigeria awaits vote result.

Create a new account. The staff is shocked by Wadjda announcing her intention to buy a bicycle with the prize money. Haaifa Al-Mansour for warjda the limitations placed on women within her culture.

Subscribe to our newsletter. They run into each other in a mall, which wdajda a big role in Saudi Arabia. Connections Featured in At the Movies: One of its German producers tells Bernd Sobolla about the daring women involved, and how his own perception of Saudi Arabia changed in the process.


Why did the older girls get in trouble? Repression against journalists A world of Khashoggis But we were the only ones that were interested.

Vancouver International Film Festival [30]. Loud laughter in the school yard is forbidden. She writes down the song on a track list labeled “Wajda’s.

When shooting in conservative areas, al-Mansour had to stay inside the production van and communicate with her film team by walkie-talkie.

Wadjda was filmed on the streets of Riyadhwhich often made it necessary for the director to work from the back of a van, as she could not publicly mix with the men in the crew. Retrieved 1 March But she stays at it. The other girls found their path within traditional wadjdda.