From 9AM to 11PM open year around. Busan is known for its beaches, hot springs, nature reserves and events such as the city’s renowned international film festival held each fall. See the main South Korea article for details. Most of Busan’s luxury hotels are along Haeundae Beach. This is very useful when planning to travel at peak times, when all tickets can quickly sell out KTX passengers are expected to be quiet but this is not always the case. The part won her much acclaim, which culminated in a number of Best New Actress nominations at end of year industry awards.

Spring and Fall are characterised by cool nights and pleasant days along with moderate amounts of rainfall. Party starts after 1AM. The shopping center itself is like any typical western-style mall, with name-brand and high-end consumer items and clothing for sale. In Haeundae there are dedicated bike lanes on many pavements used by scooters for the most part which are relativally safe. The Busan government websites often provide useful tourist information in English, but then neglect to maintain them. This is a jjimjilbang and sleeping is on a large communal floor with only a limited supply of mats and pillows. Please refer, weekend is more expensive. When the weather is nice, the Japanese island of Tsushima can be seen in the distance, 56 km away.

Huinnyeoul Culture VillageThe neighborhood was born when Korean War refugees flocked to this area and provides an unhindered view of both the Busanhang and Namhang Ports. Because most foreign tourists to Busan are from Japan, some level of Japanese is often understood by people working in hotels, restaurants, taxis and other tourist focused services, so if you know a little Japanese, you might try that, if English fails.

Teas in Dahaejeong have various health benefits. The buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt many times since they were founded inyet they are still atmospheric. A major backdrop of the acclaimed Korean movie, The Attorney, the neighborhood was also featured in yet another Korean hit, Nameless Gangster: So you can enjoy the Gwangalli Beach with coffee.

The hostel is near the Kyungsung-Pukyong University area and there are a lot of students and nightlife opportunities around.


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Artbox is located everywhere in Korea, but in Busan you can find it in seomyon subway exit no. The festival features diverse performances of traditional Korean music, outdoor wng, mime shows, and other forms of performance art. This train can take you to many sites inside taejongdae including the lighthouse.

Gukje Market, Gwangbok-dong Market, and Nampo-dong Market The three major shopping districts which are connected to each other are very much similar to Seoul’s Namdaemun Market and MyeongDong shopping district. Here you can enjoy hot teas, soft and sweet deserts and coffee and well-made brunches in a comfortable climate while looking over a premium view of the Songjeong Beach. Family room for KRW90, Watchepisodeseries is the 1 Channel for your TV Shows links. Price is from KRW5, Views Read Edit View history.

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Note that restaurants in Korea can open and close frequently, although if an establishment below has closed then another good option is likely to be found close by. This is very useful when planning to travel at peak times, when all tickets can quickly sell out KTX passengers are expected to be quiet but this is not always the case.

Across the street from the Lotte Hotel look for the large sign with Kurt Cobain down the small street perpendicular to Lotte. Alternativally a normal ferry takes 7 hours.

November 24th Height, Weight, Blood Type: Seomyeon Station Exit 9 5 min walk from the station. There is free Wi-Fi, but it’s slow and is limited to 30MB of data. The quality of the spa facilities as well as the hot rooms are very high which helps explain the relative high price to other spasand the Korean restaurant inside serves good food. Beoksan e Orange Plaza, 3rd floor no. This is a great place for them who came to relax and enjoy their free time. It is less expensive to take the night ferry.

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More Crossing The Bridge Sub available on the site. Prices for these vary, and they come in innumerable designs. The mountains around Busan have some good hiking trails. Amby’sTexas St Russia Town. It’s well worth going up the signposted valley to the left of the top of the temple to the fortifications, a lovely drossing though as so often in Korea of a strong uphill tendency.


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It is a must-see stopping point in your bridge-themed tour of Busan. When it is raining then you will be waiting a very long time before an available taxi stops for you! A good starting point is Daecheon Park in Jangsan.

It should be noted that unlike many other spas, there is a time limit of 4 hours here after which you would need to pay again.

GhettoProbably the cheapest drinks in Busan. Tourist Hotel As the name implies, Hillside Tourist Hotel gives the impression of a vacation home built on top of a hill with a beautiful view of the surroundings. The shopping center itself is like any typical western-style mall, with name-brand and high-end consumer items and clothing for sale.

Taking taxi to the west end of the GuMandeok tunnel might be the best idea. Taxi drivers will be usb to have much English knowledge, and the pronunciation of Korean words can be difficult, so it’s advisable pick up a tourist map from your hotel or a train station to point to where you want to go. Additionally, even small stores will have some snack items, so it can be an even more inexpensive alternative to convience stores to fill up your bag prior to a long train ride or a hike through one of the mountain temples.

When you reach the old fortifications about 45 minutesthere is a complete circuit available, or you can head right and uphill datch reach 20 minutes plus a viewing point with crosding absolutely spectacular view over the city.

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