Feel free to leave any comment pointing out imprecisions, errors, opinions or whatever. Maze – Putlocker, Youtube. Near- sighted Family – Dailymotion. High school Batsu Game – Rapid player Dailymotion here. Apr 4, 2, 0 0 Chesapeake, VA twitter. Your article has proved your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

I believe drawing talent may be tied to the written language. Bater – Umbrella Shop – e. Instant Miso Soup – Part 1, Part 2. Beer – Part 1, Part 2. Never got a chance to watch this when it was first uploaded and it’s killing me. Jan 22, 7, 0 Yade February 5, at 6: I still remember the day I discovered the Silent Library skits years back, never laughed so much in my goddamn life.

I could gakj see an American version of this working if they rounded up some of the comedians from “Whose Line Is It Anyway” up. The Team Fight Game!

Cathy Tsukamoto Cooking show – Dinner de Good – e. Here in Holland ppl don’t really read comics, only little kids. Flooded Family – Dailymotion. I love Gaki no Tsukai, and once I found out this song I had the urge to translate it.

gakj Nothing is funnier than this show. Hikarii January 9, at 8: Also, forgive me for using such a small font and such unclear colours. Taiyaki – Part 1, Part 2. TheOddOne Member Jun 16, Jan 3, 45, 2 1, 36 Austin. Jan 6, 1, 0 0. Curry – Part 1, Part 2.


Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende: BATSU GAMES

Bread – Part 1, Part 2. Apr 19, 21, 1 Tea – Part 1, Part 2. Jun 11, 0 Norway www. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

!! – Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! |OT|

Jul 11, 4, 0 0. I always laugh at the Tonight is Yamada segment while they’re trying to sleep.

There could be mistakes, and if you spot tssukai, feel free to leave a comment below. Airport Batsu Game Unseen footage: Zoe Member Jun 17, Anonymous April 15, at I love these guys. Ah Endo-san kimi no heya de gatatta yume Hohoeminagara unazuite ita sono yasashisa wo wasureraremasen. Mar 30, 17, 0 0 ATL.

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Watch translated Gaki no tsukai episodes by Tofu Panda Fansubs – Tofu Panda Fan Subs

Foxhounder February 10, at 8: Gakifiles needs to be in the OP, it’s the best resource for subbed Gaki out there imho. I havent laughed this much for a while: I was bursting out laughing. Favorite has to be the newspaper agency episode where those dudes start wrestling in front of them, lmao.


It is very well written, gxki your points are well-expressed.

The Matsumoto’s Haunted House or something had me in tears. Its fandom is huge, both in Japan and overseas, and there are lots of songs and music videos based off this great serie. Ah Yamazaki-san futari miageta hoshizora ga kinou no you ni kono mune ni utsushidasarete imasu Ah Matsumoto-san ano hi chikatta yakusoku wa kokoro no hikidashi ni shimatte imasu taisetsu dakara Sabishi sugite hitori ja arukenai kodoku ni obieru boku wo hanasanaide dakishimete ite Ah Tanaka-san sagashi mono wa arimashitaka?

Giant Usb Wrestling – Putlocker, Youtube pt. Muhammad Rafay September 27, at 4: I HAVE noticed the same thing, though I’ve wondered if eatch has something to do with comics being a larger part of childhood entertainment over here than, say, back in the States.

Mohonky Member Jun 16, P Banned Jun 17, Jan 4, 31, 0 0 Sydney, Australia. He’s always such a cutie. Downtown is a comedy variety show.

May 11, 33 0 0. History of the Batsu Game – Rapid player Veoh.