Unfortunately, Kouta ends up messing up while at his jobs and later finds a boy stuck on a tree before the child is saved by Team Baron’s leader Kaito Kumon. November 21, at 2: While Ryoma confirms that the Project Ark is only an excuse for him to have access to the Yggdrasill Corporation’s resources, Sagara confirms Ryoma’s theory that Helheim Forest has appeared on Earth past occasions, revealing that when it happens, a person is chosen to determine the fate of mankind once claiming the “Golden Apple”, leaving after hinting that the Over Lords are the key to obtain it. To give Hase and Jonouchi access to the forest, Mitsuzane convinces Sid to provide them some Lockvehicles. As for the monster rider unlike Kiva, they should do it again and make up for its failure. Why are Anonymous comments allowed on this site? Back at Team Gaim’s clubhouse, the members of Teams Gaim and Baron celebrate that the joint event brought an end to the Inves Games, despite several dancers decided to quit because of it. November 17, at 3:

Baron transforms to fight, but finds that the Banaspear cannot harm the Inves. Reuniting at Drupers, the Beat Riders are informed by Takatora that after the Helheim Forest disappeared, all Sengoku Drivers and Lockseeds possessed by the Yggdrasill Corporation were destroyed and there is no way to fight their newest enemy. All the haters seem to think that this series is some form of Shakespearean drama crafted by the gods and the ideas presented here are heresy instead of accepting that it’s.. I barely could stand rocketheads belt. Having arrived, Kouta finds Zangetsu defeating Gridon and follows the white Armored Rider’s supporters to a camp site surrounding a dimensional portal that is referred to as a crack. September 30, at 2: As Ryoma mocks him for the infection, Kaito remembers the pains he has gone through all his life and decides to eat a Helheim Fruit, remarking on how it affected Hase, transforming himself into an Over Lord Inves called Lord Baron. Meanwhile, after failing to Sid, Hase begins having hallucinations of being attacked by Inves and Armored Riders before coming to the conclusion that he must regain his power.

November 17, at 3: As their duel has already started, Zangetsu gets the upper hand but is unable to land the death blow with Zangetsu Shin taking advantage with a powerful slash that knocks his older brother into the river as his Sengoku Driver episide into a nearby bush.

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 06 Preview – JEFusion

The Truth Behind the Christmas Game [ edit ]. The Riders fight Redyue until she surrenders, claiming that she will show them the way to the Forbidden Fruit.

As Fifteen flees, the Showa Riders also leave without assisting Gaim and the others, claiming that they do not intend to involve themselves with the Heisei Riders.

Sagara adds that Kouta must be willing to kill off any rivals to obtain the Fruit of Knowledge.

Why would they want the hate? However, Yoko does notice something from Zack and she attempts to stop him from detonating the bomb. Ridwr after seeing that he is working with the Over Lords, Mai refuses to accept his proposal, learning what Mitsuzane truly thinks about Kouta while she explains to him that Kouta still has hope. Watching Gaim fight the Inves stirs feelings in Jiro waych he drives the monster off, causing him to remember that there is someone he must protect but does not want to remember as he does not wish trouble.


However, all other teams refuse to participate given their hatred towards Team Baron, who do not attend the meeting. Mitsuzane then claims that he must return to protect Mai and the others, leaving Kouta to assist the Yggdrasill Corporation by himself, confronting the incoming Inves along with Marika as Gaim Jimber Cherry Arms.

Kamen Rider episodes Kamen Rider Gaim. It may be to our liking but not to them and their main audience: Gen Urobuchi Nobuhiro Mouri.

Later, Kouta and Mitsuzane visit Rat in the hospital, happy that he kzmen not infected by the Inves disease, and learn that Mai is trying to end the Inves Games. Both begin to battle as the Armored Riders, kxmen just as it seems Jefudion will win the fight, an unharmed Kaito transforms into Lord Baron and attacks Kouta. However, one Inves survives and eats all of Bravo’s dropped Lockseeds to become a Boar Inves that proceeds to run off once disarmed.

However, Jonouchi realizes that Takatora still has a Sengoku Driver and Matsubokkuri Lockseed for emergencies, and after learning from him about Hase’s fate, convinces him to fight Jam in his place. Kaito winces in pain, revealing his wound that Mai tries to dress up. Inside the tower, having met Akira while amongst the captives, Rika and Rat find themselves brought before Mitsuzane as he reveals he has made a deal with the Over Lords to save them and many others. The Gift Secret Weapon [ edit ].

Oren, Jonouchi, and Zack appear to fight as well, but without their Sengoku Drivers, they are easily defeated, and Jam retreats, promising to return to destroy everything Kouta and the others fought so much to protect.

The two then retreat, watched from afar by the Over Lord Redyue. After the assailant leaves, Kaito decides to find a way to break into the Yggdrasill Corporation’s headquarters in order to find out the truth behind their actions and Kouta agrees to help him. While Kouta keeps searching for Mai, Chucky and Rat help move Mai to an abandoned hospital where they are deceived and locked up by Mitsuzane and Ryoma, who flee with Mai somewhere else. From there, Redyue reopens the Crack at the Yggdrasill Corporation headquarters to take over the building while her Inves army makes its way outside.

As the Lockseed gathering “game” begins, Baron and Bravo fight between themselves while Ryugen decides to look for the white Armored Rider. September 29, at 2: However, Takatora sees Mitsuzane entering Drupers to lure Kouta to a deserted area where he finally reveals his true colors as he transforms into Zangetsu Shin.


It’s like they want to be bad to piss us off.

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 6

After deeming humans to be no different from the Femushinmu, Roshuo announces his intent not to give them the Forbidden Fruit so they would not suffer as epksode had. He accidentally found the Sengoku Driver.

Meanwhile, Sagara affirms that Kouta must choose between preventing the world’s destruction or save himself, while Mai are certain that he had already made his choice. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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So basically we get a break-dancing Orange fruit Samurai? The Fated Victor [ edit ]. Hope to see more photo’s of the other riders soon.

August 5, at Mitsuzane realizes he still has more time left and seeks out Mai. Zangetsu kill for a purpose, although he also enjoyed the suffering. Sagara explains that he wants to ensure this power to a wild card, and Kouta fights against the frozen time to take the Kiwami Kameb to show he wants the means to the end.

Kouta and Ryoma reach the room where Akira and the others are having their energy siphoned and sent to the tomb of the Over Lord Queen but before being able to do anything, Redyue appears to fight them.

The truck taking episodd Riders to the tower is attacked by Inves and Armored Watcg Gridon and Bravo decide to stay behind to make way for the others to proceed. Aldo The Fox Says: Mai dreams of herself in Team Gaim’s garage and is visited by DJ Sagara who tells her that she is in possession of the Golden Fruit and that she can use it to do anything based on her ideals.

Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Ryoma reveals this information to Kaito, as well, and adds that the Yggdrasill Corporation is just a front to cover their real purpose, which is to prevent the Helheim Forest from taking over the world. Takatora guides Kouta to an ancient city deep inside Helheim Forest, revealing that the place must be the home of an alien civilization that was destroyed when the forest’s plants had spread through it, transforming all life into Inves after they ate the ejfusion.

Honestly I think this fruit stuff is beyond stupid. Once he manages to move himself to grab the Kiwami Lockseed, Sagara disappears and Kouta and Mai are freed from his lock. Kaito goes to see Yoko on the ground, and they speak before Yoko dies and Kaito carries her away.