Tiffany seeks answers from Fizz and Nia. A controlling Soulja Boy drives Nia over the edge. Bow goes back to his playboy lifestyle, leaving the door open for Masika to make a move. Full Episode 50 days left. Sisters’ shocking walk out changes everything! Lamar’s family reunion turns left when a surprise guest ignites Andrea’s jealousy; Lamar and Andrea face off. Meet the Parents Season 1, Episode 3. Everyday We Strugglin’ Season 4, Episode

Clint reveals shocking details about the night Tracie went on the run. Angela opens up about her past at a Fearless Conference. Ex and the City Season 2, Episode The sisters confront Traci about facing her unresolved issues. But when things take an unexpected turn, Iyanla calls them out and it leads to a shocking exit! Drama ignites at Lil Twist’s listening party when Briana spirals down a dangerous path and everyone is shook. SlyZilla’s sister-in-law may ruin her surprise wedding but she loses it when her mom may miss her nuptials.

Angela moves to LA for a fresh start.

Caitlin keeps a mother of a secret from Matt. After a blowup, Angela and Vanessa must unite for charity.


Revenge Season 3 Episode 9 –

Brat throws an off probation party where Bow flies off into a destructive rage, attacking everything in his path. Passion and anger ignite in Jamaica!

Man enjoys companionship from taller woman. Meanwhile, Twist has eyes for Egypt.

Wild ‘n Out Season 2, Episode Things pop off when shocking issues are exposed. Celebrity friends rally around Traci. Tyran interrogates Egypt’s boyfriend Sam.

Deactivated Account

A drastic turn of events concerning the sisters changes everything! Husband regrets marrying his wife when she brings her work home and he pays the price! Not Today Satan Season 6, Episode Lawrence’s confession backfires when Ana freaks out. Fists fly at the twins’ fashion show.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 4 –

Angela and Romeo’s double date backfires! The drama between Brat and Bow comes to a head. JoJo is pressed to make a proposal. Andrea breaks down with second thoughts. Meanwhile, Romeo’s torn between Angela and Tee Tee.

But when things take an unexpected turn, Iyanla calls them out and it leads to a shocking exit! Pepa’s son Tyran comes to town with old baggage in tow.

VainZilla Kat panics over her missing wedding dress but when a guest objects, will her fairytale come to a shocking end? Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? And a boot camper is caught on camera facetiming someone other than their partner.


Tee Tee plays cupid for Briana to make amends, but her grand plan backfires! Surprises and Sentences Season 1, Episode 5. Sexy reunion leads to a proposal, but a guys’ night causes a major blowup. Masika’s big vendetta against Jhonni shocks Deb.

Tensions flare when Scott meets his soon-to-be stepdaughter. Family therapy with Pepa and her son, Tyran, bursts into flames.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 16

Sam and Lil Twist nearly come to blows over Egypt. Vanessa exposes a shocking secret. Melissa faces the monster trainer head on in a battle of epic Bridezilla proportions!