The good doctor and his sidekick arrive to keep her company, but she is in no mood to hear about the good luck of that perfect angel, Yoo-jin. He had to undergo a critical surgery that was going to either take his life,or take his eye-sight. I must say that the complexity of the events is not very realistic. Anyway, he watches her digging in the sand. Thanks for reading my recaps! You can, as long as u believe that u can. We get a flashback. About Shukmeister I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80’s science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

At the hospital, Yoo-jin is reading to Joon-sang. After all, if YJ had gone to New York, they would have been together and probably married. About Shukmeister I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80’s science fiction movies, and thunderstorms. Secondly, the appearance of Joon-sang observing the reunited friends scene in the first few minutes is surely just a continuity error?? Mom, on the other hand, has a flashback of a conversation with her son. In any case, the hospital has some medical records that he will need for his surgical procedure in the States.

In the meantime, Yoo-jin wanders around and looks at the stuff in his room.

Winter Sonata – Episode 20 Final | Shukmeister

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She has a disposable camera in her hand, to document their fun times at the beach. At her apartment, the doctor and the roommate are exchanging worried looks. Just then, his mother shows up, and Yoo-jin leaves she they can have some mom-son time.


Gosh, I went to Haeundae Beach and only found seaweed. You have not only seen the show but also wrote about it!

Winter Sonata | Korean Kingdom

Finally, they are together. And that line u quoted was so dashing indeed. Yu Jin went to France, long before the image of the Eiffel Tower must have become an accessory in Asian drama. He does wonder why she never told Hyun-soo she was pregnant with his child, but she blows it off at blind love. They end up at their original meeting location by the Christmas tree.

She tells him about this certain young man that she loved, and has never forgotten no matter how many years have past, even though he left her, forgot about her, and ultimately died.


He relays that long-ago conversation. Shukmeister May 20, at Shukmeister August 27, episoode I mean, who gets their friends engaged, especially when the girl didnt turn up for the set engagement date!! Thanks for reading my recaps! After that tiny sparkle when it disappears into the water, he collapses to the sand, bereft.

Dramacrzzy the salt embedded from the streets preserved it? And finally, the location of the Impossihouse is http: Joon-sang asks him if he would turn a blind eye if the couple left the country.

Oh Sang-hyuk was there, watching the two part ways.


She looks at his face and begins the wedding vows, promising to love and cherish him. But most of it is in bits and pieces; Yoo-jin begs him not to worry and that they will soon return. Inside, the teacher feels bad soata what happened.

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Sang-hyuk finally comes clean and admits his selfish jerkiness. He starts running around looking for her. She offers to explain to Yoo-jin the entire circumstance. Your side remarks are funny but not distracting. Sang-hyuk and Yoo-jin are sitting in his car. She denies that; instead she was happy to have met him again. As he is fondling the picture, a single piece pops off.

Notify me of new comments via email. Tears fill her eyes; she will agree with any favor but that one. They are both crying.

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At the airport, she leaves it on a bench and walks away to Paris. Likewise for Chae-rin, who set this whole thing off with her decade-old need to prove one better over her old classmates.