Will lightning keep striking one of the few YA adaptations to actually command a “Twilight”-sized audience? Rob Marshall The Scoop: Chris Pine follows in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck for what could be called “Jack Ryan Begins,” which should feature a healthy dose of operatic theatricality courtesy of director Branagh who will also chew scenery as the film’s villain. David Ayer The Scoop: More red-band hijinks ensue, though this time without the added bonus of a Johnny Depp cameo Look, this would have been a 5-star review. Credit Card Cards Accepted:

The Marked Ones” Jan. Why yes, we would love to see a movie starring The Rock as the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, the legendary Greek hero burdened with the Twelve Labors, which include such seemingly insurmountable tasks as slaying the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra, cleaning the Augean stables in a single day hey, they’re huge and crazy filthy and — hubba hubba — obtaining the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Stallone and his gang of over-the-hill mercenaries are back, and this time they’re facing their most formidable foe yet: Jackson, Anthony Mackie Director: Who will emerge as the planet’s dominant species? Well, so much for

Nicholas Stoller The Scoop: Doug Liman The Scoop: Just in case “Divergent” doesn’t do well, Shailene Woodley’s 841199 another YA adaptation as back-up, and this one doesn’t take place in a dystopian future in which people wear ridiculous costumes.

Give yourself one more brain tease before school’s out. David Fincher The Scoop: What to Movifs Next. Now that the by now all-too-familiar origin story is out of the way, the rebooted “Spider-Man” series comes into its own with a tale that introduces some of the wallcrawler’s most popular and powerful nemeses: Carrying the film’s emotional weight once again is Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, a charming smarty-pants who cracks wise so yahooo he may not have a complete nervous breakdown.

We’re especially looking forward to seeing Diaz riding her recent villain streak following “Bad Teacher” and “The Counselor” all the way to the role of corrupt orphanage manager Miss Hannigan, and her “Any Given Sunday” co-star Foxx will make a movis Daddy Warbucks Marc Webb The Scoop: Our family decided, to visit the Mega-Plex Theater Center, for our weekly family activity, “night out.

Will lightning keep striking one of the few YA adaptations to actually command a “Twilight”-sized audience? We really enjoy going here.


Bruce Willis wanted too much money for a third go-round as the gang’s handler, so Sly brought in — of all people — Harrison Ford as his replacement, with other new cast members including Stallone’s “Assassins” co-star Antonio Banderas and his “Demolition Man” pal Wesley Snipes.

Brett Gahoo The Scoop: There was nobody smiling, because the managers aren’t smiling.

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Plenty of parking and the staff had always been really nice to is. We assume there will be at least one scene in which college students drink a lot, and one in which some visiting sorority sisters go topless Wes Anderson The Scoop: Robert Stromberg The Scoop: Christopher Nolan The Scoop: Also Opening in One of two offerings from “End of Watch” writer-director David Ayer the other being the Schwarzenegger vehicle “Sabotage,” which didn’t make our list”Fury” takes place during the last days of World War II as a hardened American tank commander Pitt leads a unit of five soldiers behind enemy lines as Nazi Germany collapses around them.

These movies are best suited for children and teens, in the age groups ranging from And you thought “Thor” was a hard sell? Gareth Edwards “Monsters” is here to stomp all those bad Roland Emmerich memories into the ground as a resurrected Gojira wrecks havoc in San Francisco.

The trailer is exhilarating, featuring Kick-Ass himself para-jumping onto the big beast with his military colleagues and the film’s A-list supporting cast running in terror before saving the money shot for last: Here he plays a soldier in a war against an alien race who finds himself stuck in a “Groundhog Day” kind of loop that sends him back to the start of the day he’s killed in a sneak attack And we can’t wait to get started.

The Marked Ones” Jan. It was a fun yearbut is looking to be even more of a thrill ride, filled with franchise-friendly sure things, swing-for-the-fences passion projects, sleeper hits waiting to be discovered and, of course, a few okay, a lot of superhero movies.

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November Marvel gets animated with “Big Hero 6” Nov. Tate Taylor The Scoop: The film snagged some bad press when the rather explosive production made a ton of racket whilst shooting during the early hours of Remembrance Day, observed in Commonwealth countries in memory of those members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. Mel Gibson, playing one of the original co-founders of Movues Expendables gone bad.


Fun to have date night here. Even if “The Interview” ends up only half as funny as “This Is the End,” it’ll still qualify as a mini-classic Jolie gets wicked as the self-proclaimed ‘Mistress of All Evil,’ who first gave audiences nightmares in animated form in “Sleeping Beauty” I would rate this entertainment center, on a scale fromas a 10, because, of the diversity, of imagination, and the uniqueness, in yayoo these movies.

Wes Ball The Scoop: James Gunn The Scoop: We’re just glad that we’re finally getting another sci-fi extravaganza from the groundbreaking duo that brought us “The Matrix” — and bonus that it features a cast that includes Kunis, Tatum, Redmayne and ever-grizzled Bean.

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Oh, and at least a hint of planet-eating Unicron would be cool, too. Let’s just hope “The Fault in Our Stars” doesn’t get lost in the whizz-bang-boom of the summer movie season. I guarantee that watching them, will ultimately lead, to heightened levels, of delightful entertainment, for “both the young and old. We’ll soon see if this falls into the same ‘too many mutants’ trap of “X-Men: He’d already done a slimmed-down version of his dream project, “The Fountain”so he opted for this epic disaster film featuring the Bible’s biggest action star played by, appropriately enough, the “Gladiator” himself.

The screenplay adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s book comes courtesy of the Coen Brothers, with Jolie once again providing the ‘dark’ alternative to more family-friendly Christmas Day moviegoing like “Into the Woods” — although this one hopefully won’t make us feel like jumping off a bridge. Mail Go to Mail. May Emerald City gets animated in “Legends of Oz: Matt Reeves The Scoop: January Things go bump in “Paranormal Activity: The odds are in its favor, thanks mostly to the fact that Woodley is a full-throttle movie star just waiting for the right flick to catapult her to the big leagues.

Clooney’s work as a director to date has been good, not great, but he definitely knows how to surround himself with A-list — and must-see — talent.