With no other choice, team Japan makes a new life sized statue, with Kawachi inside. Japan Episode 69 English Sub Yakitate!! Japan Episode 57 English Sub Yakitate!! When a platoon of limousines full of black-suited shade-wearing men pulls up in front of Pantasia, Ken Matsushiro single-handedly takes them on when they attempt to storm the store, but the men fall back and bow when Kanmuri steps out. Near the end of the episode, Koala presents a dragon-shaped bread to Kuroyanagi and Azuma presents a green turtle-shaped bread. Everything credit to the right owner. It is revealed in this episode that team France was indeed being told of everything beforehand and also the reason why they were at an advantage. Japan Episode 21 English Sub Yakitate!!

Food is to make dinner bread that is versatile and will complement anything and everything. Kindan no Rodan Sakusen! Pierrot reawakens as the King dies and breaks down, longing to be with his father again. After buying out Pantasia and merging it with St. Japan Episode 23 English Sub Yakitate!! The doctor explains that CMAP lost the match because their bread lacked the love that Kazuma put into the bread by painstakingly making his ingredients by hand, which was the same sort of love that the local farmers put into raising their mangoes.

This episode parodied the long-running animated series One Piece. Kimete ha kyuukyoku no bataa! When they ask Ken, he points out that the main branch of St. The special training is swimming – Kawachi is to swim many laps in a pool, with weights around his stomach. Kawachi then realises that he didn’t start baking because he wanted to make money, he started baking because he wanted to be ‘cool’ like his father, who kept trying to achieve his dreams no matter how many times he failed.

The three newcomers stay in France for a month for training to make bread especially for the French people; they train under Meister Kirisaki’s younger sister Sophie Balzac Kirisaki. The objective is to make a bread with fish or a bread that tastes good with fish. CMAP protests, but after eating the waffles themselves, all three of them are transformed into haniwas. Kawachi also tries to get rid of his habit of saying “what was that?!


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The King of Monaco reveals he has “Bombay blood” and goes to rescue Pierrot. Kuroyanagi tastes ehglish, and after apparently not reacting at all, pronounces Azuma the winner.

Kawachi is accused of murder, but charges are cleared when Pierrot stands up, appearing fine. Kanmuri smokes his jam in apple-wood smoke; the smell of the smoke intoxicates Kuroyanagi and he begins walking toward it in a trance.

Four guys try to teach Sunako to be the perfect lady. Azuma, understandably, faints on his way to Izu, but finds what he needs at a sushi restaurant he collapses near – wasabi.

Yakitate!! Japan

On the scheduled day of the match, Kayser reveals their true form. Japan Episode 46 English Sub Yakitate!! There each team must make a sweet bread with ingredients that can only be found on the island. Azuma Kazuma is an aspiring baker who has left his small town for Tokyo to fight for his dream of making a bread for all Japan.

During that yakihate team Japan is reunited, however now that the forest had been burnt down by team France, there is no way to gather fruit to use in making the sweet bread. The judging is about to begin, englidh Azuma arrives just before the final 20 minutes of the match.

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In the hospital, the King pulls out all the stops to save Pierrot’s life even smashing the transfusion pump switch so that it cannot be stopped and they meet in heaven in the same cabaret from Episode That’s 5 points off!! However, the judges note that it is made from leftovers, and that people will not want to eat it. Kawachi is in intense training to increase his muscle mass and obtain Solar Gauntlets.

During the competition Kawachi suddenly has difficulty kneading his dough, and despite his efforts the dough refuses to ferment.


Ken actually intended to give Kawachi the idea of using alcohol in his bread, and Kawachi gets the idea, making his Osaka-pan. The episode begins with a short overview of the past few episodes. He is deaf to all their pleas, but everyone is struck dumb when Ken Matsushiro reveals that Monica is pregnant.

Monica turns out to be a real challenge, as she is the Queen of Patisserie revealed in manga to have won by default though. His sister yelled that their family should start having bread for breakfast sometimes, but their grandfather refused to even consider it, as he would only eat natto, miso soup, and rice for breakfast.

Mizuno also sets up a gamble in which if Kazuma loses to her, he will have to transfer to Mizuno’s new Tokyo Pantasia branch, however should Kazuma win, Mizuno has to begin usb Tsukino as her older sister. Japan Episode 13 English Sub Yakitate!!

Horses will eat this type of jappan because although they love wheat, they hate butter and dairy products. Japan Episode 32 English Sub Yakitate!!

Kazuma vs Yukino in the semi-final of Yakitate!! Jingi naki jamu taiketsu! The theme is Saito and the task is to make a bread with the region’s local mangoes. You also want committed bread artisans to sample your bread. These allow bread to ferment more quickly, and he is able to make a bread that his grandfather loves. He pronounces Pantasia the winners, but when Mizuno protests, Kuroyanagi faints from blood loss when the bamboo sprigs puncture his arms.

Near the end of the episode, it is learned that the king and Kirisaki knew each other when the king was a child. The match takes place in the next episode, and it is revealed that Panda’s baking powder causes dough to puff out and burst multiple times.