Machiko Ishii Sound Effects: Hope you will like it too! Yamato Nadeshiko Tagalog Version Ep 1 published: This week brings us no big bombs Login or Register forgot it? Luci Christian as Josephine ep 21 Tamao Kukunoi. I believe the song by Taylor Swift suits them!

Michael Iwannek as Clubbesitzer ep 3. Shelf Life – Clanning Up Feb 23, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge first episode has flawed writing and lacks chemistry. Registering is free , easy , and private. Japanese Comic Ranking, December Dec 22, Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Russian firm Kalashnikov set to unleash kamikaze drones Stars and Stripes. The first closing theme, “Carnation”, the more upbeat of the two, is set to a small computer animation of Hiroshi dancing in the corner as the credits scroll up the page.

Showtaro Morikubo as Kyohei Takano. Japanese Nadfshiko Ranking, December Dec 22, Ken Narita as Host Club Owner ep 3. Monica Rial eps Sound Design: Shelly Thomas Recording engineer: Jeong-A Kim as Sunako Nakahara.

Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Anime and Manga portal. The songs were a collaboration between Kiyoharu and Takeshi Miyo. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others.

The opening theme “Slow” plays over recycled footage from the first episode, and is more of a love ballad. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Carli Mosier as Girl 3 ep 20 Sunako’s Mother ep Related News by Email.


The Wallflower Episode 8 English Dub – YouTube – cast to TV –

Joey Goubeaud John Ledford Producer: This incident sparks a life change, and as a result Sunako shuns all forms of beauty, both in herself as well as in life. Jefferson Utanes as Hiroshi.

Takashi Yamaguchi Tomohiro Urabayashi. This article needs additional citations for verification. Nobuo Tobita as Kyouhei’s Father eps Takashi Yamaguchi Tomohiro Urabayashi Planning: Mirror Ring Beyblade: Shelf Life – Blending In Dec 10, Hiromi Mizutani Yasuharu Takanashi Original creator: Theron Martin has the details.

I uploaded it here since youtube has some copyrights issue with it! Nick Creamer has the details. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.

Yamato Nadeshiko Disc 02 – Episode 01 [Tagalog Dubbed]

Yuka Komatsu as Sunako’s Aunt. Magdalena Turba as Noi Kasahara. My third and sixth AMV and my second and thrid code geass amv!!!

Robin Kahnmeyer as Assistent 1 ep tagaolg.

Yamato Nadeshiko Episode 01 published: US will take action against Maduro’s thugs: The Wallflower – Lesson 1: Masashi Takatori Background Art: Versino Films Dec 9, Carl and Theron’s Best of Jan 5, Matt Greenfield eps Tiffany Grant eps Nabeshin in Houston May 24, See how all you naedshiko fared in our weekly user rankings.


Manxmouse Back to episodde Forest Sango-sho Densetsu: Have you seen this? New Anime Trailers Online Oct 2, Monica Passley as Roxanne Victim ep The first closing theme, “Carnation”, the more upbeat of the two, is set to a small computer animation of Hiroshi dancing in the corner as the credits scroll up the page. Shinichi Watanabe Series Composition: Shelf Life – Clanning Up Feb 23, Yamato nadeshiko Shichi Hengelit. Hiroyuki Hayase Director of Photography: This, however, is t Min-Jeong Yeo as Noi Kasahara.

New Madman Acquisitions at Supanova Oct 14, It is a humorous tale following Sunako and the four boys through unusual and ridiculous situations where Sunako is confronted with many unwanted experiences of being a lady, while also channeling the idea of self and beauty.