Overview Doli Armaanon Ki is a story of Urmi, a young girl, who gets married to Samrat, an abusive man, thus making her life a living hell. Samrat’s family learns about Samrat being imprisoned. Urmi’s desire to dance further increases when Samrat’s mother encourages her to fulfil her personal desires and not let a man control her life. Meanwhile, Asha tries to impress Gaurav and tries to do some work for him but only ends up ruining everything including his office bag. Damini rushes out tensedly, when ishaani stops her, asking for the fitting. Suddenly, Samrat’s mother pretends to faint and falls down. Shaurya comes crying and looking for his mother, his ‘bua’ takes him to Urmi’s room but she gets a huge shock when she see Urmi lying unconscious on the ground. Samrat asks Divakar to leave the house, but Divakar disagrees and claims that the house is his as well.

Set in Jhansi, Doli Armaanon Ki is the story of one such starry-eyed, small-town bride Urmi who embarks on the quest for marital bliss, her eyes brimming with hope. Watch the full episode here? Meanwhile, Urmi wants to join dancing classes and is happy that her mother-in-law Shashi is supporting her. Urmi’s subconscious mind too asks her to do as she likes instead of being scared of Samrat. Samrat returns to take revenge on Urmi. Shaurya enters the room and sees his parents fighting.

Samrat’s mother and Amrit come to the police station to free him, but the police say that the only way to free Samrat is to make Urmi take back her complaint. He screams at Urmi and says that he should have broken her limbs.

Meanwhile, Samrat meets with an accident while going to the hotel where he usually engages in his cheap activities. Samrat gets furious hearing this. Divakar gives the good news about his new job to the entire family.

He sees Anu with Shaurya in the swimming classes. Next day, Divakar shocks his family by getting a separate gas cylinder and other things for his family.

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Shashi tries to inform uii about Urmi’s dance but Samrat is too tired to listen and gets irritated with his mother. Shaurya comes crying and looking for his mother, his ‘bua’ takes him to Urmi’s room but she gets a huge shock when she see Urmi lying zde on the ground.


Urmi’s parents come to Samrat’s house and request Urmi to take back her complaint, Shashi goes to the extent of touching her feet and requests her to free Samrat from the prison. Will Samrat catch her dancing?

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She tells ‘tauji’ about it and ‘tauji’ suspects Shashi’s intentions. Urmi tries to tell him the positive points of dancing but Samrat only gets more angry. Urmi gets worried and wants ‘tauji’ to onlije Samrat’s parents from leaving. Urmi manages to hide the truth about the salwar suit that Samrat had found in her cupboard.

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Urmi wakes up and finds Shaurya missing from the room. She tries to frame Urmi in her trap but instead gets trapped herself by Urmi. Shaurya is adamant on swimming and gets angry with Anu but later agrees with Anu. Gaurav’s mother asks her wwatch think before doing things and wants her to impress Gaurav. Ishaani dances on an old song, while chiku somehow composes shaurya and gets him down, while he is still drunk.

Tauji meanwhile frees Samrat’s father Rudra of all his worries as he is worried about his family. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 06, But, Ishaan dies while saving Samrat.

Urmi too learns about the matter and gets shocked hearing about it. Divakar realizes that a four star hotel room is being booked for certain guests and does not understand why the rooms are being booked.

Next day, Samrat gets furious when he sees Urmi ignoring him completely. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 19, Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Meanwhile, Samrat gets angry when his brother Divakar tells him about the enquiry that he had conducted in the hotel room. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 18, The screen freezes on his sad and depressed face. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 02, He shouts at his father for not coming to the police station to release him.


Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. The whole family watches as Urmi continues to shout at Samrat and express her disgust for his behaviour. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – May 29, Meanwhile, one of Urmi’s colleagues tries to apologize to Urmi by giving her a rose and a letter.

Urmi and Samrat have a child named Shaurya. Urmi’s parents try to compel her to take back her complaint, but Urmi rejects. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 10, Later, ‘tauji’ advices Urmi to take revenge for the injustice done on her. Rudra speaks to Sashi and asks her if she was the one who had informed Samrat about Urmi’s dance classes, Sashi denies it.

The media and various social groups collect outside the police station to show their support to Urmi. Rudra apologizes to Urmi for doubting her character and decides to help Urmi in gaining back her respect in the house. He says that their delivery boy didnt come today, hence they couldnt send. Watch the full episode here? Ishaan falls in love with Urmi, and they get married. Samrat’s mother calls Samrat and tells him not to go to the swimming classes as Urmi is in her dance class as if now.

Watch the complete episode here. Will Urmi slap her husband? The rest of the family however cheers them on.

Things take a surprising turn when Manish tells that he and Urmi are in love with each other. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Gaurav’s house and accuse Asha of stealing a baby from the temple. The whole family sees this and get shocked. Later, Samrat tries to threaten Urmi and holds her arms tightly to hurt her, but Urmi does not keep quiet.

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